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Known As / Full Name URL
S.F Airlines / Shun Feng Airlines,
S7 Airlines / JSC Siberia Airlines d/b/a S7
SA Airlink Regional / SA Airlink Regional (Pty)
Saab-Aircraft / Saab-Aircraft
Sabah Air / Sabah
Sabre / Sabre,
Sabre Asia Pacific / Sabre Asia Pacific Pte.
SADELCA Colombia - Sociedad Aerea Del Caqueta / SADELCA Colombia - Sociedad Aerea Del Caqueta
SAF Helicopteres / SAF
Safair / Safair Operations (Proprietary) Ltd. dba
Safarilink Aviation / Safarilink Aviation
Safe Air / SAC (K)
Sahel Aviation Service / Sahel Aviation
Saicus Air / Saicus
Saint Barth Commuter / Saint Barth
Salalah Air / Salalah
SalamAir /
SalzburgJetAviation / SalzburgJetAviation
Samaritans Purse / Samaritans
Samoa Airways / Samoa
San Carlos Flight School / San Carlos Flight
San Juan Airlines / Rugby Aviation, LLC d/b/a San Juan
San Marino Executive Aviation / San Marino Executive Aviation
Sanborn Map Company / Sanborn Map
Sansar Aviation International / Sansar Aviation
Sapphire Aviation / Sapphire Aviation,
Sardinian Sky Service / Sardinian Sky Service
SAS / Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)
SAS Danmark / SAS Danmark A/
SATA - Air Acores / SATA - Air
SATENA / SATENA Servicio Aereo a Territorios
Saturn Aviation / Saturn
Saudi Arabian Airlines / Saudi Arabian
SaudiGulf Airlines / SaudiGulf
Sawyer Aviation / Sawyer Aviation,
SaxonAir / SaxonAir Charter
SC Aviation / SC
ScanBlu Airlines / ScanBlu Airlines
Scan-Con Airways / Scan-Con Airways
Scanwings / Scanwings
Scat Air / PLL Scat
Scenic Airlines / Grand Canyon Airlines, Inc d/b/a Scenic
Schwans Shared Services / Schwans Shared Services,
Schweitzer Engineering / Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories,
Scoot / Scoot Tigerair Pte. Ltd. d/b/a
Scotia Helicopter Services / Scotia Helicopter Services
Seaborne Airlines / Seaborne
SEAir / South East Asian Airlines (Seair) International,
Searca / Searca
Secretaria de Marina / Secretaria de
Secure Air Charter / Secure Air Charter,
Seneca College / Seneca
Sentra Airways / Sentra Airways
Sepehran Airlines / Sepehran
Serair Transworld Press / Serair Transworld Press,
Serami / Serami,
Serbian Air Force / Serbian Air
Serene Air / Serene Air (Private)
Serve Air Cargo / Serve Air
Servicio de Helicopteros / Servicio de Helicopteros,
Servicio de Vigilancia Aerea del Ministerio de Seguridad Pub. / Servicio de Vigilancia Aerea Del Ministerio de Seguridad
Servicios Aereos / Servicios Aereos, S.A. de
Servicios Aereos Across / Servicios Aereos Across, S.A. de
Servicios Aereos Agricolas / Servicios Aereos Agricolas
Servicios Aereos de Los Andes / Servicios Aereos de Los Andes
Servicios Aereos Especializados En Transportes Petroleros / Servicios Aereos Especializados En Transportes
Servicios Aereos Nacionales SANSA / Servicios Aereos Nacionales S.A.
Servicios Aeroes Mira / Servicios Aeroes Mira, S.A. de
Servicios de Aviacion Asertec / Servicios de Aviacion Asertec, S.A. de
SetAir /
Sevenair / Sevenair Air
Severstal / Severstal Aircompany
SF Airlines / Shun Fung Airlines Company
SH Bellawings Airlines / SH Bellawings Airlines
Shaanxi Phoenix International Flying College / Shaanxi Phoenix International Flying College Co.,
Shandong Airlines / Shandong
Shandong Airlines Rainbow Jet / Shandong Airlines Rainbow Jet Co.
Shanghai Airlines / Shanghai Airlines Co.
Sharp Airlines / Sharp Aviation Pty. Ltd t/a Sharp
Shell Aircraft / Shell Aircraft
Shell Canada / Shell
Sheltam Aviation / Sheltam Aviation
Shenzhen Airlines / Shenzhen
Sheremetyevo-Cargo / Sheremetyevo-Cargo
Shirak Avia / Shirak Avia
Shoreline Aviation / Shoreline
Shree Airlines / Shree Airlines Pvt.
Siam Airnet / Siam Airnet Co.,
SiamJet Airlines / SiamJet Aviation Co.,
SiAvia / SiAvia,
Sichuan Airlines / Sichuan Airlines Co.
Sideral Air Cargo / Sideral Linhas Aereas
Sierra Charlie Aviation / Sierra Charlie Aviation,
Sierra West Airlines / Pak West Airlines, Inc. d/b/a Sierra West
Silesia Air / Silesia Air
Silk Way / Silk Way
Silk Way West Airlines / Silk Way West
Silvair / Silvair Sp.
Silver Air / Scott Aviation, LLC d/b/a Silver
Silver Air / Silver Air spol.
Silver Air / Silver
Silver Airways / Silver Airways
Silver Cloud Air / Silver Cloud Air
Silverback Cargo Freighters / Silverback Cargo
Simrik Airlines / Simrik Airlines Pvt.
Singapore Airlines / Singapore Airlines
Singapore Flying College (Jet Operations) / Singapore Flying College (Jet Operations)
Sino Jet / Sino Jet
Sino Jet Management / Sino Jet Management
Sinojet Beijing / Sinojet (Beijing) Co.,
Siren-Travel / Siren-Travel Closed Joint Stock
Sirio / Sirio
Sirius-Aero / Air Company Sirius-Aero
SITA / SITA - Airlines Worldwide Telecommunications and Information
Sixt Rent A Car / Sixt Rent A Car,
Sjofartsverket /
SKA Air and Logistics / SKA Air and Logistics (Uganda)
Skargardshavets Helikoptertjanst / Skargardshavets Helikoptertjanst AB (SHT)
Skies Airlines / Skies
Skippers Aviation / Skippers Aviation Pty
SKS Airways / SKS Airways Sdn.
SKS Airways / SKS Airways Sdn
Sky / PT. Sky
Sky Airline / Sky Airline
Sky Airline Peru / Sky Airline Peru
Sky Angkor Airlines / Sky Angkor Airlines Co., Ltd. d/b/a Sky Angkor
Sky Atlantic US / Aviation Partner of Boynton Beach, LLC d/b/a Sky Atlantic
Sky Cana / LogicPaq Btd, s.r.l. d/b/a Sky
Sky Capital Airlines / Sky Capital Airlines
Sky Europe Airlines Hungary / Sky Europe Airlines
Sky Express / Sky Express
Sky Eyes / Sky Eyes Co.
Sky Gates Airlines / Air Company "Sky Gates Airlines"
Sky Handling / Sky
Sky Helicopteros / Sky Helicopteros
Sky High Aviation Services / Sky High Aviation Services
Sky Jet M.G. / Sky Jet M.G.
Sky KG Airlines / Sky KG
Sky Lease Cargo / Sky Lease 1,
Sky Mali / Sky
Sky Prime Charter / Sky Prime Aviation
Sky Prime Malta / Sky Prime
Sky Quest / Sky Quest
Sky Services Aviation / Sky Services Aviation,
Sky Unlimited / Sky
Sky Wings Flight Support Services / Sky Wings Flight Support
skyalps / Sky Alps
Skyborne Airline Academy / Skyborne Airline Academy
Skybridge International Balkan / Skybridge International Balkan
SkyBus International Airlines / JSC SkyBus
Skydrift / Skydrift
Skyfirst / Skyfirst
Skyjet / Magnum Air, Inc. d/b/a
Skyjet Aviation Services / Skyjet Aviation Services
Skyjets & Support / Skyjets & Support, S.A. de
Skyline / Skyline Ulasim Ticaret
Skyline Aviation / Skyline Aviation
Skylink Aviation / Skylink Aviation
Skylink Express / Skylink Express
Skylounge Services / Skylounge Services
Skymark Airlines / Skymark Airlines Co.
Skymedia / Lions Air Skymedia AG d/b/a
Skyplan Services / Skyplan Services
Skyservice Business Aviation / Skyservice Business Aviation
SkyTaxi / SkyTaxi sp.
Skyteam / Skyteam
Skytraders / Skytraders Pty
Skytrans Airlines / Skytrans Regional Pty Ltd t/a Skytrans
SkyUp Airlines / SkyUp
Skyward Aviation / Skyward
Skyward Express / Skyward Express
Skyway Airline / Skyway
SkyWest Airlines / SkyWest
Skywings International / Skywings
Slam Lavori Aerei / Slam Lavori Aerei
Sloane Helicopters / Sloane
Slovenian Armed Forces / Slovenian Armed
Slovenian Ministry of Defence / Slovenian Ministry of
Smart Aviation Company / Smart Aviation
Smart Cargo / Smart Cargo S.A.
Smart Jet / Smart Jet Sp. Z
Smart Wings / Smart
smartavia / Joint Stock Company Smartavia
Smartline / Smartline Luftfahrt
Smartlynx Airlines / Smartlynx Airlines,
Smartlynx Airlines Cabo Verde / Smartlynx Airlines Cabo
Smartlynx Airlines Estonia / Smartlynx Airlines
SmartLynx Airlines Malta / SmartLynx Airlines Malta
Smartwings /
Smartwings / Smartwings,
Smartwings Hungary / Smartwings Hungary
Smartwings Poland / Smartwings Polska Sp.
Smartwings Slovakia / Smartwings Slovensko
Smokey Bay Air / Smokey Bay Air,
Snowbird Airlines / Snowbird Airlines
Sociedad Aeronautica Peninsular / Sociedad Aeronautica Peninsular
Soko Aviation / Soko Aviation,
Sol Linhas Aereas / Sol Linhas Aereas
Solar Cargo / Solar Cargo,
Solaris Aviation / Sunset Aviation,
Solaseed Air / Solaseed Air
Solent Flight / Solent Flight
Solenta Aviation / Solenta Aviation (Pty)
Solenta Aviation Gabon / Solenta Aviation
Solinair / Solinair Latelsko Podjetjet
Solomon Airlines / Solomon
Solstas Lab / Solsars Lab,
Solutions Air Charter / Solutions Air Charter,
Solyom Hungarian Airways / Solyom Hungarian Airways Air Service And Trading
Somon Air / Aircompany Somon Air
Sonair / SonAir Serviço Aéreo,
Sonoco ThermoSafe / Sonoco
Sorens Aero / Sorens Aero SM
SOS Helikoptern Gotland / SOS Helikoptern Gotland
Soulbird / Oklahoma Aviation LLC d/b/a
Sounds Air / Sounds Air Travel & Tourism
South African Airways / South African Airways SOC
South Asian Airlines / South Asian Airlines Ltd. (SAAL)
South Carolina Aviation Management / South Carolina Aviation Management,
South Pacific Airlines / South Pacific Airlines
Southair / Southair Ltd. (Sudurflug EHF)
Southern Air Charters / Southern Air Charters Co.
Southern Airways Express / Southern Airways Express,
Southern Cross Aviation / Southern Cross Aviation Inc.,
Southern Cross Aviation / Southern Cross Aviation,
Southern Cross International / Southern Cross
Southern Illinois University d/b/a Aviation Flight / Southern Illinois University d/b/a Aviation
Southern Jet / Southern Jet Co.,
Southwest Aircraft Charter / Southwest Aircraft Charter
Southwest Airlines / Southwest Airlines
Southwings (Thailand) / Southwings (Thailand) Co.,
Sovereign Business Jets / Sovereign Business Jets
Soveriegn Business Jets / Soveriegn Business
SPARFELL Luftfahrt / SPARFELL Luftfahrt
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology / Spartan Education, LLC d/b/a Spartan College of Aeronautics and
Specialist Aviation Services / Specialist Aviation Services
Speedwings / Speedwings
SpiceJet / SpiceJet
Spirit Airlines / Spirit Airlines,
Spirit Jets / Spirit Jets,
Sporavia / Sporavia
Spring Airlines / Spring Airlines Limited
Spring Japan / Spring Japan Co.
SprintAir / SprintAir
SprintAir Cargo / SprintAir Cargo Sp.
Sqiva / PT. Sqiva
SriLankan Airlines / SriLankan Airlines
Sriracha Aviation / Sriracha Aviation Co.
Sriwijaya Air / Sriwijaya Air
St Barth Executive / St Barth
St. Lucia Helicopters / St. Lucia
St. Maarten Airways / St. Maarten
Stabo Air / Stabo Air
Stapleford Flight Centre / Stapleford Flight
Star Air / Ghodawat Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. d/b/a Ghodawat
Star Air Cargo / Star Air Cargo (Pty)
Star East Airline / Star East Airline
Star Flyer / Star Flyer
Star Jet / Star Jet Co.,
Star Peru / Star Up S.A. dba Star
Star Wings Dortmund / Star Wings Dortmund Luftfahrtgesellschaft
Starair / Starair
Stargate Aviation / Stargate Aviation
Starlink Aviation / Starlink Aviation
Starlite Aviation / Starlite Aviation Pty
Starlux Airlines / Starlux Airlines Co.,
Stars Away Aviation / Stars Away
Starspeed / Starspeed
State ATM Corporation / State ATM
State Flight Academy Of Ukraine, The / State Flight Academy Of Ukraine,
State of West Virginia, Aviation Division / State Of West Virginia, Aviation
Stobart Air Services UK / Stobart Air Services UK
Stockmeier Urethanes / Stockmeier Urethanes USA,
Storm Heliworks / Storm Heliworks
STP Airways / STP
Strait Air / Strait Air (2000)
Studio 88 Aviation / Biz Africa 1019 CC t/a Studio 88
Su Airlines / Su
Sudan Airways / Sudan Airways Co.
Summit Air / Summit Air
Summit Air / 8199400 Canada Inc. d/b/a Summit
Summit Aviation / Summit Aviation,
Sun Air / Sun Air
Sun Air / Sun
Sun Air Jets / Sun Air
Sun Air of Scandinavia / Sun Air of Scandinavia A/
Sun Country Airlines / Sun Country Inc d/b/a Sun Country
Sun d'Or International Airlines / Sun d'Or International
Sunair Aviation / Sunair Aviation
SunClass Airlines / SunClass Airlines
Suncor Energy / Suncor Energy
Sundair / Sundair
Sundt Air / Sundt
Sundt Air Management / Sundt Air
SunExpress / SunExpress - Güneş Ekspres Havacilik
Sunjet Airlines / Sunjet Airlines
Sunlight Air / Sunlight Express Airways t/a Sunlight
Sunrise Airlines / Sunrise Airlines,
Sunrise Airways / Sunrise Airways
Sunshine Express Airline / Sunshine Express Airlines Pty. Ltd. d/b/a Sunshine Express
Sunwest Aviation / Sunwest Aviation
Sunwing Airlines / Sunwing Airlines
Sunworld International Airlines / Sunworld International Airlines,
Suparna Airlines / Suparna Airlines Co.,
Super Legacy / Super Legacy XP
Superior Air / Superior Air
Superior Aviation / Superior Aviation,
Superior Transportation Associates, Inc d/b/a STAjets / Superior Transportation Associates, Inc d/b/a
Suraviation / Suraviation
Surf Air / Surf
Surinam Airways / Surinam Airways
Suriname International Victory Airline / Suriname International Victory Airline
Surveillance Australia / Surveillance Australia Pty
Susi Air / ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation,
Svenskt Ambulansflyg / Svenskt
Svenskt Industriflyg AB / Svenskt Industriflyg
SW Helicopter Services / SW Helicopter
Swiftair / Swiftair,
Swiftair Hellas / Swiftair Hellas
Swiss / Swiss International Airlines Ltd. d/b/a
Swiss Air Force / Bundesamt Fur Betriebe Der Luftwaffe (BABLW) (Swiss Airforce)
Swiss Air-Ambulance / Swiss Air Ambulance Ltd. (Helicopter Rescue Guard)
Swiss Air-Ambulance / Swiss Air-Ambulance
Swiss Airtainer / Swiss Airtainer
Swiss Flight Services / Swiss Flight Services
Swiss Helicopter / Swiss Helicopter
Swiss Private Jet / Swiss Private Jet
Swoop / Swoop,
Sylt Air / Sylt Air
Syncrude Canada / Syncrude Canada
Synergy Aviation / Synergy Aviation
Synesis Aviation / Synesis
Syrian Arab Airlines / Syrian Arab