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British B Class Test Registration Prefixes

Regn Prefix Country Name Period Remarks
G-1-Rolls-Royce (Bristol Engines)1949-
G-3-Boulton Paul1948-1973
G-4-Portsmouth Aviation1948-1949
G-4-Miles Aviation and Transport1969-
G-5-De Havilland1948-
G-7-Slingsby Sailplanes1971-
G-8-Handley Page1948-1970
G-9-Hawker Aircraft1948-
G-10-Reid and Sigrist Ltd.1948-1953
G-11-A.V. Roe and Company1948-
G-12-Saunders Roe Ltd.1948-1967
G-13-Not allocated
G-14-Short Brothers1948-
G-16-Vickers (Aviation)1948-
G-17-Westland Aircraft1948-
G-18-Bristol Aeroplance Company1948-1975
G-19-Heston Aircraft Ltd.1948-1960
G-20-General Aircraft Ltd.1948-1949
G-21-Phillips and Powis (Miles)1948-1963
G-22-Airspeed Ltd.1948-1952
G-23-Percival Aircraft1948-1966
G-24-Cunliffe Owen Aircraft1948-1949
G-25-Auster Aircraft1948-1962
G-26-Slingsby Sailplanes1948-1949
G-27-English Electric1948-
G-28-BEA Helicopter Unit1948-
G-29-D Napier and Son Ltd.1948-1962
G-30-Pest Control Ltd.1952-1957
G-31-Scottish Aviation Ltd.1948-
G-32-Cierva Autogiro Company1948-1951
G-33-Flight Refueling1948-1972
G-34-Chrislea Aircraft Ltd.1948-1952
G-35-F.G. Miles Ltd. / Beagle Aircraft1951-1970
G-36-College of Aeronautics1954-
G-38-D.H. Propellors Ltd.1954-1975
G-39-Folland Aircraft Company1954-1965
G-40-Wiltshire School of Flyingnot taken up
G-41-Aviation Traders1956-1876
G-42-Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd.1956-1959
G-43-Edgar Percival Ltd.1956-1959
G-44-Agricultural Aviation Ltd.1959-1959
G-45-Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd.1959-1969
G-46-Saunders Roe Ltd. (Helicopter Division)1959-1962
G-47-Lancashire Aircraft Company1960
G-48-Westland Aircraft Ltd. (Bristol Division)1960-1969
G-49-F.G. Miles Engineering1965-1969
G-50-Alvis Ltd.1967-1975
G-51-Britten-Norman Ltd.1967-
G-52-Marshall of Cambridge Ltd.1968-
G-53-NDN Aircraft1977-

Credit: Update taken from Phil Butler's article in Air Britain Digest - Summer 2002