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Historical ICAO Aircraft Registration Prefixes

Regn Prefix Old Prefix Country Name Period Remarks
A-Austria1929-1939Changed to OE-
AN-Nicaragua1936-Changed to YN-
BR-Burundi1962-1965Changed to 9U-
C-Colombia1929-1946Changed to HK-
CB-Bolivia1929-1954Changed to CP-
CCCP-Soviet Union1929-Changed to RA-
CF-Canada1929-1974Changed to C-
CH-Switzerland1929-1936Changed to HB-
CR-AMozambique1929-1975Changed to C9-
CR-BMozambique1971-1975Changed to C9-
CR-CCape Verde Islands1929-Changed to D4-
CR-GPortuguese Guinea / Guinea Bissau1929-1975Changed to J5-
CR-IPortuguese India1929-1961Changed to VT-
CR-LAngola1929-1975Changed to D2-
CR-MMacauChanged to CS-M
CR-SSao Tome and Principe1929-Changed to S9-
CR-TTimor1929-1975Changed to PK-
CS-MCR-MMacau -1999Changed to B-M w.e.f. 20/12/1999.
CV-Romania1929-1936Changed to YR-
CY-VP-CCeylon1948-1954Changed to 4R-
CZMonaco1929-1949Changed to MC-
DDR-East Germany1945-1956Changed to DM-
DM-East Germany1956-Changed to D-
ES-Estonia1929-1939Merged into Soviet Union CCCP-
EZ-Saar Territory1929-1933Changed to SL-
FC-Free French1940-1944Changed to F-
F-DFrench Morocco1929-1952Changed to CN-
F-KHCambodia1945-1954Changed to XU-
F-LLaos1945-1954Changed to XW-
F-OCongo1929-1960Changed to TN-
F-OAlgeria1929-1962Changed to 7T-
F-OCameroon1929-1960Changed to TJ-
F-OChad1929-1960Changed to TT-
F-ODahomey / Benin1929-1960Changed to TY-
F-OGabon1929-1960Changed to TR-
F-OGuinea1929-1958Changed to 3X-
F-OCote D'Ivoire1929-1960Changed to TU-
F-OMadagascar1929-1960Changed to 5R-
F-OMali1929-1960Changed to TZ-
F-OMauritania1929-1960Changed to 5T-
F-ONiger1929-1960Changed to 5U-
F-OTunisia1929-1956Changed to TS-
F-OUbangi-Shari1929-1960Changed to TL-
F-OUpper Volta1929-1960Changed to XT-
F-OSenegal1929-1960Changed to 6V-
F-VNFrench Indochina (Vietnam)1929-1954Changed to XV-
JZ-Dutch East Indies1945-
K-Kuwait1967-1968Interim - Changed to 9K-
KA-Katanga1961-1963Unoffical - Changed to 9O-
K-SFinland1919-1931Changed to OH-
KW-Cambodia1954Changed to XU-
LG-Guatemala1936-1948Changed to TG
LI-Liberia1929-1952Changed to EL-
LR-Lebanon1944-1954Changed to OD-
LY-Lithuania1929-1939Merged into Soviet Union CCCP-
M-Spain1929-1933Changed to EC-
MC-Monaco1949-1959Changed to 3A-
OA-Peru1929-1950Changed to OB-
OK-Czechoslovakia1929-1993Spilt into OK- and OM- w.e.f. 01/01/1993.
OO-CBelgium Congo1929-1960Changed to 9O-
PI-Philippines1941-1975Changed to RP-
R-Panama (two digits)1929-1943Changed to RX-
R-Argentina (thre digits)1929-1932Changed to LV-
RV-Persia (Iran)1929-1944Changed to EP-
RX-Panama1943-1952Changed to HP-
RY-Lithuania1929-1939Merged into Soviet Union CCCP-
SL-EZ-Saar Territory1947-1959Changed to D-
SN-Sudan1929-1959Changed to ST-
T9-YU-Bosnia Hercegovina
TJ-Transjordania1946-1954Changed to JY-
TS-Saar Territory1930-1931Unoffical - Changed to EZ-
UH-Saudi Arabia1945Interim - Changed to HZ-
UL-Luxembourg1929-1939Changed to LX-
UN-Yugoslavia1929-1935Changed to YU-
VO-Newfoundland1929-1939Merged into Canada CF-
VP-AGold Coast (Ghana)1929-1957Changed to 9G-
VP-BBahamas1929-1975Changed to C6-
VP-CCeylon1929-1948Changed to CY-
VP-GBritish Guiana1929-1967Changed to 8R-
VP-HBritish Honduras (Belize)1947-Changed to V3-
VP-JJamaica1930-1964Changed to 6Y-
VP-KKenya1929-1963Changed to 5Y-
VP-LLeeward and Windward Islands1929Now Antigua V2-
VP-LKA-LLZSt. Kitts and NevisChanged to V4-
VP-MMalta1929-1968Changed to 9H-
VP-NNyasaland1929-1953Changed to VP-Y
VP-PWestern Pacific Islands1929-Now Solomon Islands H4-
VP-RNorthern Rhodesia1929-1953Changed to VP-Y
VP-SSomliland1929-1960Changes to 6OS-
VP-TTrinidad and Tobago1931-1965Changed to 9Y-
VP-UUganda1929-1962Changed to 5X-
VP-VSt. Vincent and Grenadines1959-Changed to J8-
VP-WChina (Wei-Hai-Wei)1929-1939
VP-WRhodesia1971-Changed to Z-
VP-YSouthern Rhodesia, Rhodesia, Nyasaland1929-1964Changed to 7Q-, 9J-
VP-ZZanzibar1929-1964Changed to 5H-
VQ-BBarbados1952-1968Changed to 8P-
VQ-CCyprus1952-1960Changed to 5B-
VQ-FFiji / Tonga / Friendly1929-1971Changed to DQ-
VQ-GGrenada1962-Changed to J3-
VQ-LSt. Lucia1965-Changed to VQ-L
VQ-MMauritius1929-1968Changed to 3B-
VQ-PPalestine1930-1948Changed to either TJ- or 4X-
VQ-SSeychelles1929-1977Changed to S7-
VQ-ZA, -ZDBasutoland1929-1967Changed to 7P-
VQ-ZE, -ZHBechuanaland1929-1968Changed to A2-
VQ-ZISwaziland1929-1975Changed to 3D-
VR-BBermuda1931-Changed to VP-B
VR-CCaymen Islands1968-Changed to VP-C
VR-GGibraltar1929-1939Changed to G-
VR-HHong Kong1929-Changed to B-H
VR-JJohore1929-1963Changed to 9M-
VR-LSierra Leone1929-1961Changed to 9L-
VR-NBritish Cameroons1929-1958Changed to either TJ- or 5N-
VR-OSabah (North Borneo)1929-1963Changed to 9M-
VR-RMalaya1929-1963Changed to 9M-
VR-SSingapore1929-1965Changed to 9V-
VR-UBrunei1929-Changed to V8-
XH-Honduras1929-1960Changed to HR-
XV-3W-South Vietnam1959-1975
XW-Laos1954-Changed to RDPL-
YE-Yemen1955-1969Changed to 4W-
YL-Latvia1929-1939Merged in Soviet Union CCCP-
YM-Danzig Free State1929-1939Changed to D-
YN-Nicaragua1929-1936Changed to AN-
ZM-New Zealand1929-1939
3W-Vietnam1954-1959Interim - Changed to XV-
4W-Yemen1969-Merged into 7O-
6OS-Somalia1960-1969Changed to 6O-
9O-Zaire1960-1966Changed to 9Q-