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Known As / Full Name URL
Pacific Air Express / Pacific Air Express Australia (Pty)
Pacific Airlines / Pacific Airlines Co.
Pacific Coast Jet / Pacific Coast
Pacific Coastal Airlines / Pacific Coastal Airlines
Pacific Flight Services / Pacific Flight Services Pte
Pacific Sky Aviation / Pacific Sky Aviation
PADAVIATION / PAD Aviation Service
Pakistan International Airlines / Pakistan International
Pakker Avio / Pakker Avio Ltd.pakkeravio.e
Pakker Avio / Pakker Avio
PAL Aerospace / PAL Aerospace
PAL Airlines / PAL Airlines
PAL Express / Air Philippines Corporation d/b/a PAL Express and Airphil
Pallas Aviation / Pallas Aviation,
Pambele Aviation / Pambele Aviation (Pty)
Pambele Aviation / Pambele Aviation (Pty)
Pan American Airways / Pan American Airways
Pan Europeenne Air Service / Pan Europeenne Air
Pan Pacific Airlines / Astro Air International Inc. d/b/a Pan Pacific Airlines
Panamedia / Panamedia,
Panaviatic /
Panellenic Airlines / Panellenic Airlines
PanJet / Pan Havacilik Ve Ticaret
Pannon Air Service / Pannon Air Service
Panorama Aviation / Panorama Aviation,
Papillon Airways / Papillon Airways,
Paragon Airways / C.C.Calzone, LLC d/b/a Paragon
Paragon Jets / USAC Airways 691, LLC d/b/a Paragon
Paranair / Compañía de Aviación Paraguaya S.A. d/b/a
Par-Avion / Aerotechnology Pty Ltd d/b/a
Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology / Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and
Pars Air / Pars
Pascan / 9736140 Canada Inc t/a
PassionAir / DAC International Airlines Ltd. d/b/a
Pathfinder Aviation / Pathfinder Aviation,
Patient Airlift Services / Patient Airlift Services,
Patria Pilot Training / Patria Pilot Training
Patriot Aviation / Patriot Aviation
Peach / Peach Aviation
Pearl Air / Pearl Air Pvt.
Pegas Fly / Ikar, LLC t/a Pegas
Pegase Aviation / Pegase
Pegasus / Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi
Pegasus Elite Aviation / Pegasus Elite
Pegasus Helicopters / Pegasus Helicopters
Pel-Air Aviation / Pel-Air Aviation Pty
Pelita Air Service / P.T. Pelita Air
PenAir / Peninsula Airways, Inc. t/a
Penial Air / Penial Air
Pentastar Aviation Charter / Pentastar Aviation Charter,
People’s / Altenrhein Luftfahrt GmbH t/a People’
PEOPLExpress / People Express
Perfect Aviaton / Perfect Aviaton
Perimeter Aviation / Perimeter Aviation
PerryCook Flight Services / PerryCook Flight Services,
Petro Air / Petro
Petroleum Air Services / Petroleum Air
Phenix Aviation / Phenix
Phenix Jet / ACP Jet Charters, Inc. d/b/a Phenix
Phenix Jet Cayman / Phenix Jet Cayman
Philippine Airlines / Philippine Airlines,
Phoebus Apollo Aviation / Phoebus Apollo Aviation
Phoenix Air Group / Phoenix Air Group,
Phoenix Aviation / Phoenix Aviation
Phoenix East Aviation / Phoenix East Aviation,
Phoenix Helicopter Academy / Phoenix Helicopter
PHS Premium Aviation and Handling Services, Sociedada Unipessoal / PHS Premium Aviation and Handling Services, Sociedada Unipessoal
Piedmont Airlines / Piedmont Airlines,
Piedmont Airlines / Piedmont Airlines,
Pier Seven Aviation / Pier Seven Aviation
Pilatus Flugzeugwerke / Pilatus Flugzeugwerke
Pilbara Airlines / Pilbara Airlines Pty
Pilot Flyskole / Pilot
Pilot Training College / Pilot Training
Pilot Training Network / Pilot Training Network
Pionair / Pionair Australia Pty.,
Pirinair Express / Pirinair
Pittsburgh Jet Center / Holman Leasing Systems, Inc. d/b/a Pittsburgh Jet
Pivot Airlines / 2746904 Ontario Inc. d/b/a Pivot
Pivot Airlines / 2746904 Ontario Inc. d/b/a Pivot
Pixair Survey / Pixair
Planet 9 / Planet Nine Private Air,
PLM Dollar Group / PLM Dollar Group
Plus Ultra / Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas,
Plus Ultra / Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas
PNG Air / PNG Air
Pobeda / Pobeda Airlines
Polar Air Cargo / Polar Air Cargo Worldwide,
Polar Airlines / Polar Airlines
Polish Air Navigation Services Agency / Polish Air Navigation Services
Polish Navy / Polish
Polizeifliegerstaffel Nordrhein-Westfalen / Polizeifliegerstaffel
Polizeihubschrauberstaffel Baden-Wurttemberg / Polizeihubschrauberstaffel
Polizeihubschrauberstaffel Bayern / Polizeihubschrauberstaffel
Polo Aviation / Polo Aviation
Pontair / Pontair
Porsche Air Service / Porsche Air Service
Porter Airlines / Porter Airlines
Poste Air Cargo / Poste Air Cargo
Pouya Air Lines / Pouya Air
PowdAir /
Pratt And Whitney Canada / Pratt And Whitney Canada,
Precision Air Services / Precision Air Services
Precision Aircraft Management / Precision Aircraft
PremiAir Aviation Services / PremiAir Aviation Services
Premier Flight Center / Premier Flight Center,
Premier Private Jets / Premier Air, Inc. d/b/a Premier Private
Premier Trans Aire / Premier Trans Aire,
Premieravia /
Premium Jet / Premium Jet
Prescott Support Company / Prescott Support
Presidential Aviation / Presidential Aviation,
Priester Aviation / Priester
Prima Aviation / Prima Aviation
Prime Jet / Prime
Prime Service Italia / Prime Service Italia
Primeflight / Flight Excel
Prince Aviation / Prince
Privaira / Sky One Holdings, LLC d/b/a
Privajet / Privajet
Privatair Saudi Arabia / Privatair Saudi Arabia Co.
Private Jets / Private Jets,
Private Sky / Airlink Airways Ltd. t/a Private
Private Wings / Private Wings Flugcharter
Privateair / Privateair
Privilege Style / Privilege Style Lineas Aereas
ProAir Aviation / ProAir Aviation
Proaviation /
Proflight Commuter Services / Proflight Commuter Services
Projet Aviation / Projet Aviation,
Projets Aviation Malta / Projets Aviation Malta
ProJETS Aviation Senegal / ProJETS Aviation Senegal
Propstar Aviation / Propstar Aviation
Province of Manitoba, Air Services Branch / Province of Manitoba, Air Services
PSI Air 2007 / PSI Air 2007,
PTL Luftfahrtunternehmen / PTL Luftfahrtunternehmen
Puerto Rico Air Management Service Inc / Puerto Rico Air Management Service
Puerto Rico Air Management Services / Puerto Rico Air Management Services,
Punitz Flugbetrieb / Punitz Flugbetrieb
Purdue University / Purdue