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Known As / Full Name URL
F Air / F
FAI Rent-a-Jet / FAI Rent-a-Jet
Fair Aviation / Fair Aviation (PTY) Ltd. t/a Fair
Fairoaks Flight Centre / Fairoaks Flight
Falcon Aviation Services / Falcon Aviation
Falcon Jet Centre / Falcon Jet
Fanjet Express / Fanjet Express
Farelogix / Farelogix
Farnair Europe / Farnair Europe
Fast Air / Fast Air
FastJet / FastJet
Fastjet Zambia / Fastjet Zambia
fastjet Zimbabwe / fastjet Zimbabwe
FCG - Flight Consulting Group / FCG - Flight Consulting Group Ltd,
FCS Flight Calibration Serivces / FCS Flight Calibration Serivces
FDS-Ops / FDS-Ops
Federal Airlines / Federal Airlines (Pty)
Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA / Office Federal de Aviation
FedEx / Federal Express Corporation d/b/a
Felix Airways / Felix
Fenix Air Charter / Fenix Air
FFH Sudwestdeutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule / FFH Sudwestdeutsche
FFL Fachschule Fuer Luft-Fahrzeugfuehrer / FFL Fachschule Fuer Luft-Fahrzeugfuehrer
Fiji Airways / Air Pacific Ltd. t/a Fiji
Fiji Link / Fiji Airlines Limited t/a Fiji
Fine Air Services / Fine Air Services,
Finesse Executive / Finesse Executive
Finist'air / Finist'
Finnair / Finnair
Finnish Border Guard / Finnish Border
Fireblade Aviation / Fireblade Aviation (Pty)
Firehawk Helicopters / Brainerd Helicopters, Inc. t/a Firehawk
Firnas Airways / Firnas Airways
First City Air / First City Air
First Nation Airways / First Nation Airways (SS)
First Wing Aircraft Charter and Maintenance / First Wing Aircraft Charter and
FITS Aviation / FITS Aviation (Pvt)
Five Fourty Aviation / Five Fourty Aviation
FL140 Parachutisme Bordeaux / FL140 Parachutisme
Flair Airlines / Flair Airlines
Fleet Air BG / Fleet Air
Fleet Air International / Fleet Air International
Flex Linhas Aéreas / Flex Linhas Aéreas
Flexflight / Flexflight
Flexflight / Flexflight
Flexjet / Flexjet,
Flexjet Operations / Flexjet Operations
Flexjet Operations Malta / Flexjet Operations Malta
Flight Calibration Services / Flight Calibration Services
Flight Express / Flight Express,
Flight options / Flight
Flight Plan Solutions / Flight Plan
Flight Pro International / Flight Pro International,
Flight Support / Flight Support,
Flightaware /
FlightExec / FlightExec
Flightlink / Flightlink
Flightworks / Flightworks
Flightworks / Avior Technologies Operations, Inc. d/b/a
Flightworks / Flightworks,
FLM Aviation / FLM Aviation Luftverkehrsgesellschaft Mohrdieck mbH & Co.
Florida Air / Florida Air,
Florida Air Cargo / Florida Air
Florida Flyers Flight Academy / Florida Flyers Flight Academy,
Fltplan / Fltplan,
Flugschule Basel / Flugschule Basel
Fly Advanced / Fly
Fly Aeolus / Fly Aeolus
Fly Air41 Airways / Fly Air41 Airways
Fly AllWays / Fly
Fly Aman / Fly
Fly AO Angola / Fly AO-Linhas Aereas, Limiteda d/b/a Fly AO
Fly Armenia Airways / Fly Armenia Airways
Fly Arna / Fly
Fly Baghdad / Fly
Fly Bai / Fly Bai,
Fly Benghazi / Fly
Fly FC / Vee H Aviation Pty Ltd. t/a Fly
Fly Gangwon / Fly Gangwon Co.,
Fly Gibraltar / Fly
Fly Haya / Haya Aviation Services Company
Fly / Fly
Fly Jordan / Solitaire Air Ltd. Co. (d/b/a Fly Jordan)
Fly Lili / SC Fly Lili
Fly Marche / Fly
Fly Me / Fly Me (Pty)
Fly Me / Fly Me (Pty)
Fly Mid Africa / Mid Africa Aviation Company Limited t/a Fly Mid
Fly Modern Ark / Fly Modern
Fly Play / Fly Play
Fly RAK / Fly
Fly Romania / Fly
Fly Sky Airlines / Fly Sky Airlines
Fly Sky Airlines / Fly Sky
Fly Tyrol / ABC Bedarfsflug GmbH t/a Fly
Fly Union / FlyUnion
fly wales / Haverfordwest Air Charter Services Ltd. t/a fly
Fly2Sky / Fly2Sky
FLY7 / Fly7 Finland
flyadeal / flyadeal Airline
FlyArystan /
flyBAIR / flyBAIR
Flybe / Flybe
FlyBig / Big Charter Pvt. Ltd. d/b/a
Flyblu /
Flybondi / F.B. Lineas Aereas S.A. t/a
FlyBosnia / FlyBosnia
Flycom /
Fly-Coop / Fly-Coop Légi Szolgáltató
flydubai / Dubai Aviation Corporation d/b/a
flyegypt /
FlyErbil /
FlyFast / FlyFast, S.A. de
FlyFirefly / FlyFirefly Sdn.
Flyfofo Airways / Flyfofo
flyGAC / flyGAC A/
Fly-GH / 540 Ghana Ltd. t/a
Flygprestanda / Flygprestanda
flyGR8 /
flyGTA / flyGTA,
Flying Business Aviation / Flying Business Aviation, S.A. de
Flying Devil / Flying Devil
Flying Group Luxembourg / Flying Group Luxembourg
Flying Service / Flying
Flyjet Air Charter & Management / Flyjet Sp.
FlyLink Express / FlyLink
flyme / Villa Air Private Limited t/a
FlyMex / Servicios Integrales de Aviacion, S.A. de C.V. t/a
FlyMontserrat / Montserrat Airways Ltd. t/a
flynas / Flynas Company Closed Joint Stock owned by (NAS Holding)
FlyOne / FlyOne Airlines
FLYONE Armenia / FLYONE Armenia,
FlyPelican / Pelican Airlines Pty Ltd t/a
flyPersia /
flyr / flyr
FlySAX /
flyValan / flyValan
Flyverhjemmevaernet /
FlyVolare / FlyVolare
Flyways / Flyways Linhas Aereas
FMG Verkehrsfliegerschule Flughafen / FMG Verkehrsfliegerschule
Fokker Flight Operations / Fokker Flight
Fonnafly / Fonnafly Sjo
Force Navale Belge / Force Navale
Force Terrestre Belge / Force Terrestre
ForeFlight / ForeFlight,
Fort Aero / Fort
Fortune Air / Fortune Air (Pty)
Foster Yeoman / Foster Yeoman
Four Star Air Cargo / Four Star Air
Four Star Aviation / Four Star
Free Airways / Free
Freebird Airlines / Hurkus Havayolu Tasimacilik Ve Ticaret S.A. - Freebird
Freedom Air / Freedom Air,
Freedom Air / Freedom
Freedom Air Services / Freedom Air Services
Freedom Airlines Express / Freedom Airlines Express
Freesky Aviation / Freesky Aviation Co.,
Freight Runners Express / Freight Runners Express,
French bee / French
Fresh Air Aviation / Fresh Air
Frontier Airlines / Frontier Airlines,
FTC Aviation / FTC
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana / Fuerza Aerea
Fuji Dream Airlines / Fuji Dream Airlines Co.
Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza / Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza,
Fuzhou Airlines / Fuzhou Airlines Co.,