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Known As / Full Name URL
TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola Airlines / TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola
TAB Charters / TAB Charters (Pty)
Tac Airlines / Transportes Aereos
TAECA / Transports Aereo de Carga del Caribe S.A.
Taespejo Portugal / Taespejo Portugal,
Taftan Airlines / Taftan
TAG Airlines / Transportes Aéreos
TAG Aviation / TAG Aviation (Malta)
TAG Aviation / TAG Aviation UK
TAG Aviation Asia / TAG Aviation Asia
TAG Aviation Espana / TAG Aviation Espana,
TAG Aviation San Marino / TAG Aviation San Marino
Tailwind Air / Tailwind Air,
Tailwind Airlines / Tailwind Hava Yollari
T-air / T-air Spol
Tajik Air / OJSC "Tajik Air"
Talon Air / Talon Air,
Tam Aviacao Executiva / Tam Aviacao
Tamara Niger Aviation / Tamara Niger Aviation
Tamir Airways / Tamir
Tanana Air Service / Bidzy Ta Hot Aana Native Corporation t/a Tanana Air
Tantalus Air / Tantalus
TAP Express / Portugalia - Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Aereos
TAP Portugal / TAP
TapJets / TapJets,
Taquan Air / Venture Travel, LLC. t/a Taquan
TAR Aerolineas / Link Conexion Aerea, S.A. de C.V. d/b/a TAR
Tarco Aviation / Tarco Aviation Company
TAROM / Compnia Nationala de Transporturi Aeriene Romane TAROM
Tasman Cargo Airlines / Tasman Cargo Airlines PTY
Tassili Airlines / Tassili
Tatra Jet / Tatra Jet,
Tauranga Aero Club / Tauranga Aero Club (Inc)
Taxijet /
Tayaran Jet / Tayaran Jet
Tayside Aviation / Tayside Aviation
Team 125 / Team 125,
Tech-Mont Helicopter Company / Tech-Mont Helicopter Company
Ted /
Tempus Jets / Tempus Jets,
Temsco Helicopters / Temsco Helicopters,
Terra Avia / CA Terra Avia
Texel Air / Texel Air
TFC Flugbetrieb und - Technik Beratungsgellschaft mbH / TFC Flugbetrieb und - Technik Beratungsgellschaft
TFC Flugbetrieb Und - Technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH / TFC Flugbetrieb Und - Technik Beratungsgesellschaft
Thai AirAsia / Thai AirAsia Co.
Thai AirAsia X / Thai Airasia X Company
Thai Airways International / Thai Airways International Public Company
Thai Flying Service / Thai Flying
Thai Lion / Thai Lion Mentari Co.
Thai Smile / Thai Smile Airways Company
Thai Summer Airways / Thai Summer Airways Company
Thai Vietjet Air / Thai Vietjet Air Joint Stock Co.,
Thalys International / Thalys
The Lancair Company / The Lancair
The Landline Company / The Landline
The London Helicopter / The London
The Oxford Helicopter / The Oxford
Thia Aviation Academy / Thia Aviation
Thomas Air / Thomas
Thrive Aviation / Corporate Flight International d/b/a Thrive
Thrust Flight / Thrust
Thunder Airlines / Thunder Airlines
Thyssen Krupp / Thyssen Krupp
Tianjin Airlines / Tianjin Airlines Co.
Tibet Airlines / Tibet Airlines Corporation
Tiger Airways / Tiger
Tiger Helicopters / Tiger Helicopters
Tigerair Taiwan / Tiger Airways Taiwan Co.
Time Air / Time Air,
Titan Airways / Titan Airways
Titan Airways Malta / Titan Airways Malta
Titanium Air / Titanium
TL Aviation / TL Aviation
Toll Aviation / Toll Aviation Pty
Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum / Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum,
Tonle Sap Airlines / Tonle Sap Airlines
Top Air / Top Air Havacilik Sanayi Ve Ticaret
Top Helicopteros / Top Helicopteros,
TopBrass Aviation / TopBrass Aviation
Topre Corporation / Topre
Total Linhas Aéreas / Total Linhas Aéreas S/
Toyo Aviation / S.C. Toyo Aviation
Trabajos Aereos Espejo / Trabajos Aereos Espejo
Trade Air / Trade Air
Tradewind Aviation / Tradewind Aviation
Trans Air Congo / Trans Air Congo (TAC)
Trans Helicoptere Service / Trans Helicoptere
Trans Island Air / Trans Island Air
Trans Island Airways / Trans Island Airways
Trans Maldivian Airways / Trans Maldivian Airways Pvt.,
Transafrican Air / Transafrican Air
transair / Rhoades Aviation, Inc. d/b/a
transair Express / Trans Executive Airlines of Hawaii t/a transair
Transaustralian Air Express / Aero Marine Consulting Pty Ltd. d/b/a Transaustralian Air Express Pty.
Transaven Airlines / Transaven C.A. (Transporte Aereo Venezuela)
Transaven Airlines / Transaven
Transavia /
Transavia Flugbetriebsgesellschaft / Transavia Flugbetriebsgesellschaft
Transavia France / Transavia France
Transaviabaltika / UAB AK,
Transaviaexport Cargo Airline / Transaviaexport Cargo
Transcarga International Airways / Transcarga International Airways,
Trans-Eastern Airlines / Trans-Eastern Airlines
Transmandu / Transmandu
Transnusa Aviation Mandiri / PT. Transnusa Aviation
Transport Automated Information Systems - TAIS / JSC Transport Automated Information Systems -
Transportes Aereos Bolivianos (TAB) / Transportes Aereos Bolivianos (TAB)
Transportes Aereos Pegaso / Transportes Aereos Pegaso, S.A. de
Transportes Aereos Petroleros / TAPSA / Transportes Aereos Petroleros S.A. /
Transwest Air / Transwest Air
Transwings / Transwings
Transwisata Prima Aviation / Transwisata Prima
Transylvania International Airlines / Transylvania International
Travel Management Company Ltd. / Travel Management Company
Travel Technologyu Interactive / Travel Technologyu Interactive
Travelsky Technology / Travelsky Technology
Travira Air / Travira
Travis County EMS / Travis County
Trend Aviation / Trend Aviation
Trenitalia / Trenitalia
Tretyakovo / Tretyakovo Air Transport
Triair Bermuda / Triair Bermuda
Trident Aircraft / Trident Aircraft,
Trigana Air Service / Trigana Air Service
Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines / Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines,
Tropic Air / Tropic Air
Tropic Ocean Airways / Tropic Ocean Airways
Tropic Ocean Airways / Tropic Ocean Airways,
TRTO Agency / TRTO Agency
trujet / Turbo Mega Airways Pvt. Ltd. t/a
Truman Aviation / Truman Aviation
Trustco Group International / Trustco Group International (Pty)
Tsaradia /
TTM Korea / TTM Korea Co.
TUI Airways / TUI Airways
TUI fly Belgium / TUI Airlines Belgium NV t/a TUI fly
TUI fly Netherlands / TUI Airlines Nederlands B.V. t/a TUI fly
TUIFly / TUIfly
TUIfly Nordic / TUIfly Nordic
TUM AeroCarga de Mexico / TUM AeroCarga de Mexico, S.A. de
Tunisair /
Tunisair Express / Tunisair
Tunisavia / Tunisavia - Société de Transports, Services Et Travaux Aé
TurboJet / Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management
Turk Hava Kurumu Hava Taksi Isletmesi / Turk Hava Kurumu Hava Taksi
Turkish Air Force / Turkish Air
Turkish Airlines / Turkish Airlines,
Turkish Cargo / THY Hava Kargo Tasimaciligi
Turkmenhowayollary / Government of
Turkmenistan Airlines / Turkmenistan
Turku Air / Turku Air
Turpial Airlines / Turpial
Turtle Airways / Turtle Airways
Turukhan Airlines / Turukhan
Tus Airways / Tus Airways
T'Way Airline / T'Way Air Co.
TWC Aviation / TWC Aviation,
Twin Jet / Twin
Twinjet Aircraft Sales / Twinjet Aircraft Sales
Tyrol Air Ambulance / Tyrol Air
Tyrolean Jet Service / Tyrolean Jet
Tyrolean Jet Services Malta / Tyrolean Jet Services Malta