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Known As / Full Name URL
R1 Airlines / R1 Airlines
Rada Airlines / Rada Airlines
Radixx Solutions International / Radixx Solutions International,
RAF-Avia /
RAF-HQSTC (Air Transport) / RAF-HQSTC (Air Transport)
Rainbow International Airlines / Rainbow International Airlines,
RAM Express / RAM
Raven Air Ltd. / Cheshire Flying Services Ltd. d/b/a Raven Air
Ravn Alaska / Northern Pacific Airways d/b/a Ravn
Raya Airways / Raya Airways Sdn. Bhd. d/b/a Raya
Reach Air Medical Services / Reach Air Medical
Real Aero Club de Baleares / Real Aero Club de
Real Aero Club de Jerez / Real Aero Club de
Real Aero Club de Reus-Costa Dorada / Real Aero Club de Reus-Costa
Real Aero Club De Vizcaya / Real Aero Club De
Real Aeroclub de Gran Canaria / Real Aeroclub de Gran
Real Aeroclub de Navarra / Real Aeroclub de
Real Aeroclub de Tenerife / Real Aeroclub de
Real Aeroclub de Valencia / Real Aeroclub de
Real Aeroclub Zaragoza / Real Aeroclub
Real Aerolub de Malaga / Real Aerolub de
Real Tonga Airline / Real Tonga
Rectimo Air Transports / Rectimo Air Transports
Rectrix Aviation / Rectrix Aviation,
Red Arrows Display Squadron / Red Arrows Display
Red Barn Operations / Red Barn
Red Cross / Comite International de La Croix-Rouge Red Cross (International Committee)
Red Sea Airlines / Red Sea
Red Sky Ventures / Red Sky Ventures
Red Wing Aeroplance Company / Red Wing Aeroplance
Red Wings Airlines / CJSC Airline
Redhill Aviation / Redhill Aviation
Redstar Aviation / Redstar
Reem Air / Air Company Reem
Regency Air / Regency
Regency Jet / Regency Jet
Regent Airways / HG Aviation
Regional Air Services / Regional Air
REGIONAL Sky / Public Charters, Inc. d/b/a REGIONAL
Regourd Aviation / Regourd
Reignwood Asia Aviation / Reignwood Asia Aviation Co., Ltd.
Reliance Aviation / Reliance
Reliant Air Charter / Reliant Air Charter,
Rely / Rely
Renan / Renan
Renegade Air / Renegade Air
Renfe Viajeros / Renfe Viajeros Sociedad Mercantil Estatal
Republic Airline / Republic Airline,
Republic Airways / Republic Airways
Republic Of Singapore Air Force / Republic Of Singapore Air
Reut Airways / Reut Airways
Revilo Aerospace / Revilo Aerospace
rex. Regional Express / Australiawide Airlines Ltd. d/b/a Regional
Reynolds Jet Management / Midwest Jet, LLC. d/b/a Reynolds Jet
RG Aviation / RG Aviation,
Riau Airlines / Riau
Richland Aviation / Richland
Richmor Aviation / Richmor Aviation,
Richy Slylark / Richy Slylark Pvt Ltd.Richy Slylark Pvt Ltd.
Riga Airlines / Riga
RIMBUN AIR / PT Rimbun Abadi Aviasi d/b/a RIMBUN
Rise Air / Rise
RMC Group Services / RMC Group Services
Rolls Royce / Rolls Royce Ltd. (Military Aviation)
Rolls Royce / Rolls Royce Ltd. (Bristol Engine Division)
ROMCargo Airlines / Romcargo Airlines
Rose Air / Rose Air
Rossiya Airlines / Rossiya Airlines
Rostvertol-Avia Airline / Airline Rostvertol-Avia
Rotana Jet / Rotana Jet Aviation d/b/a Rotana
Roy Ritter Sky Dive / Roy Ritter Sky
Royal Air Charters / Royal Air
Royal Air Force (R.A.F.) / Royal Air
Royal Air Maroc / Royal Air
Royal Belau Airways / Royal Belau
Royal Brunei Airlines / Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police / Royal Canadian Mounted
Royal Flight / Royal
Royal Flight Airlines / CJSC Royal Flight
Royal Jet / Royal
Royal Jordanian / Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline d/b/a Royal
Royal Navy / Royal
Royal Netherlands Air Force / Royal Netherlands Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht)
Royal New Zealand Air Force / Royal New Zealand Air
Royal Skyways / Royal Skyways Co.,
Royal Star Aviation / Royal Star Aviation
Royal Wings / Royal
Royal Zambian Airlines / Royal Zambian
royalair philippines / Royal Air Charter Service, Inc. t/a royalair
RPS System / RPS System Co.,
RPX Airlines / RPX
Rubystar /
Ruili Airlines / Ruili
Rusjet / Rusjet, Joint-Stock
RusLine / Air Volga / Joint Stock Aviation Company "RusLine"
Rutaca Airlines / Rutas Aereas, C.A. d/b/a Rutaca
RVL Aviation / RVL Aviation
RwandAir / RwandAir
RWL / RWL Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH & Co.
Ryan Air / Ryan Air,
Ryanair / Ryanair
Ryanair UK / Ryanair UK
Ryukyu Air Commuter / Ryukyu Air Commuter Co.,