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Known As / Full Name URL
OAS Helicopters / Odengene Air Shuttle Services
Oasis Flight / Oasis Flight
OCL Barbados / OCL (Barbados)
Odessa Aircraft Plant / Odessa Aircraft
Ohio State University Flight Education Division / Ohio State University Flight Education
OK Business Aircraft / OK Business
Okay Airways / Okay Airways Company
Oklahoma State University / Oklahoma State
Old Dominion Freight LT Lines / Old Dominion Freight LT Lines,
Olympic Air / Olympic
Olympic Broadcasting Services / Olympic Broadcasting
Olympus Airways / Olympus
Oman Air / Oman
Omega Aerial Refueling Services / Omega Aerial Refueling Services,
Omni - Aviacao E Tecnologia / Omni - Aviacao E Tecnologia,
Omni Air Express / Omni Air International, Inc. d/b/a Omni Air
Omni Air Transport / Omni Air Transport,
Omni Aviation Training Center / Omni Aviation Training
Omni Taxi Aereo / Omni Taxi Aereo
Omni-blu Aviation / Omni-blu Aviation
One Air / One Air
One Air / Grupo One Air Aviacion,
One Airways / One Airways,
ONE Aviation / ONE Aviation
On-Track Aviation / On-Track Aviation
Open Flight / Open
Opera Jet / Opera Jet
Oriental Air Bridge / Oriental Air Bridge Co.
Originair /
Orion Airways / Orion
Orion Airways / Orion
Ornge Air / Ornge
Ortac AOC Ltd. / Ortac AOC
Oryx Jet / Oryx Jet
Oslo Politidistrikt, Helikoptertjenesten / Oslo Politidistrikt,
OSM Aviation Academy / OSM Aviation Academy
Osterman Helicopter / Osterman
Oulun Tilauslento / Oulun Tilauslento
Overland Airways / Overland Airways
Owenair / Owenair (Pty)
Oxford Aviation Academy / Oxford Aviation
Oyonnair /