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Known As / Full Name URL
B&K Aero KZ / B&K Aero KZ
B.A.C.H. / B.A.C.H. Flugbetriebs
BA Cityflyer / Cityflyer Express Limited t/a BA
Babcock Mission Critical Services España / Babcock Mission Critical Services Españ
Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia / Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia
Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore / Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore
Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore / Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore
Babcock Mission Critical Services Portugal / Babcock Mission Critical Services
Babcock Mission Critical Services Portugal / Babcock Mission Critical Services Portugal
Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance / Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance
Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance / Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance
Backbone Aviation / Backbone Aviation A/
Baden Aircraft Operations / Baden Aircraft Operations
Badr Airlines / Badr
Bahamas Habitat / Bahamas
Bahamasair / Bahamasair Holdings
B-Air Charter / B-Air Charter GmbH & Co.
Bairline / Bairline Fluggesellschaft mbH & Co,
Bajan Helicopters / Bajan Helicopters
Baker Aviation / Baker Aviation,
Baker Aviation / Baker Aviation,
Bakhtar Afghan Airlines / Bakhtar Afghan
Bakhtar Star Airlines / Bakhtar Star
Baltia Air Lines / Baltia Air Lines,
Baltic Airlines / Baltic
Baltijas Helicopters / Baltijas
Bamboo Airways / Bamboo Airways Joint Company
Bangkok Airways / Bangkok Airways Co.
Bangkok Helicopter Services Co / Bangkok Helicopter Services Co.,
Bankair / Bankair,
Bar XH Air / Bar XH Air,
Baron Aviation Services / Baron Aviation Services,
Bartolini Air Regional / Bartolini Air
Basler Flight Service / Basler Flight Service,
Bassaka Air / Bassaka Air Limited d/b/a Bassaka
Bateleur Air Charter Services / Bateleur Air Charter Services
Bates Air / Bates Air
Batik Air / PT. Batik Air
Bay City Flyers / Angel City Flyers d/b/a Bay City
BCA Charters / BCA Charters
Bearskin Airlines / Perimeter Aviation LP d/b/a Bearskin
Bees Airline / Limited Liability Company Bees
Beijing Capital Airlines / Beijing Capital Airlines Co.,
Beijing Panam International Aviaition Academy / Beijing Panam International Aviaition Academy Co.
Beijing VistaJet / Beijing VistaJet Aviation Co.,
Beirut Wings / Beirut Wings
Bel Air Aviation / Bel Air Aviation A/
Bel Air Helicopters ApS / Bel Air Helicopters
Belavia /
Belgian Air Force / Belgian Air
Belgium Exel / Belgium
Bell Helicopter / Bell
Bell Helicopter, Textron / Bell Helicopter, Textron
BellAvia / BellAvia
Bellesavia /
Bemidji Airlines / Bemidji
Benair Norway / Benair Norway A/
Benina Air / Benina
Bereitschaftpolizei Rheinland-Pfalz / Bereitschaftpolizei
Bering Air / Bering Air,
Berjaya Air / Berjaya Air Sdn.
Berniq Airways / Berniq
Berry Aviation / Berry Aviation,
Bertelsmann AG / Bertelsmann
Best Aero Handling / Best Aero Handling
Best Jets International / Best Jets
Bestfly / Bestfly,
Bestfly Aircraft Management Aruba / Jogo Aviation N.V. dba Best fly Aircraft Management
Bestfly Cabo Verde / Transportes Interilhas de Cabo Verde, Sociedade Unipessoal, SA.
Bexair / Bahrain Executive Air Services Co. (Bexair)
Bexx Air / Bexx Air Express
Beyond General Aviation / Beyond General Aviation Co.,
BG Helicopters / Bigas Grup Helicopters,
BH Air / BH
BHS Aviation / BHS Aviation
Bhutan Airlines / Tashi Air Private Ltd. t/a Bhutan
Big Bend Community College / Big Bend Community
Big Island Air / Big Island Air,
Bighorn Airways / Bighorn Airways,
Billund Air Center / Billund Air Center A/
Biman Bangladesh Airlines / Biman Bangladesh
Binter Canarias / Binter Canarias,
Binter Mediterraneo / Binter Mediterraneo,
Bioflight / Bioflight A/
Bird Information Systems / Bird Information Systems Private
Bismillah Airlines / Bismillah Airlines
Blackbird Air Charter / Blackbird Air Charter A/
Blink / Blink
Blu Halkin / Blu Halkin
BLUairways / BLUairways Sp. z
Blue Air / Blue Air Aviation
Blue Bird Airways / Blue Bird
Blue Bird Airways / Blue Bird
Blue Bird Aviation / Blue Bird Aviation
Blue Dart Aviation / Blue Dart Aviation
Blue Islands / Airx Limited t/a Blue
Blue Jet Charters / Blue Jet Charters sp.
Blue Panorama Airlines / Blue Panorama Airlines
Blue Ridge Aero Services / Blue Ridge Aero
Blue sky Aviation Services / Blue sky Aviation Services
Blue Square Aviation Group Malta / Blue Square Aviation Group Malta
BLUE TEAM flight School / BLUE TEAM flight
Blue Wing Airlines / Blue Wing Airlines
Blue1 / Blue1
bluebird NORDIC / Bláfugl ehf. d/b/a bluebird
Bluefox Airlines / Bluefox
Bluelinks Jets / Bluelinks Jets
Bluemoon Aviation / Bluemoon Aviation,
Bluesky Airways / Bluesky
Bluestream Aviation / Bluestream Aviation
BlueWest Helicopters / BlueWest Helicopters (Vesterflug EHF)
BlueWest Helicopters / BlueWest Helicopters
BN Group / BN Group
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group / Boeing Commercial Airplane
Bohlke International Airways / Bohlke International Airways,
Boliviana de Aviacion / Boliviana de Aviacion (BoA)
Bombardier / Bombardier,
Bombardier / Bombardier,
Boniair / Boniair
Bonus Aviation / Bonus
Bookajet / Bookajet Aircraft Management
Booker Aviation / Airways Aero Associations Ltd t/a Booker
Border Air Training / Border Air
Bornfly / Bornfly
Boskovic, Z, Air Charters / Boskovic, Z, Air Charters
Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training Centre / Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training
Bournemouth Flying Club / Bournemouth Flying
Boutique Air / Boutique Air,
Branson Air Express / Fly Branson Travel d/b/a Branson Air
Bravo Air / Bravo Air
Bravo Airways / Bravo
Bravo Passenger Solution / Bravo Passenger Solution Pte.,
Brazilian Air Force / Forca Aerea Brasileira (F.A.B.)
Breeze Airways / Breeze Aviation Group, Inc. t/a Breeze
Bridger Aerospace / Bridger
Briggs Marine Environmental Services / Briggs Marine Environmental Services
Bright Flight / Bright Flight
Briko Air Service / Briko Air Service
Bringer Air Cargo Taxi Aereo / Bringer Air Cargo Taxi Aereo
Bristol Flight Training Centre / Bristol Flight Training Centre
Bristow Helicopters / Bristow Helicopters (Nig)
Bristow Helicopters Group / Bristow Helicopters Group
Bristow Helikopter / Bristow Helikopter A/
Bristow US / Bristow US,
British Airways / British Airways
British Antarctic Survey / British Antarctic
British International Helicopter Services / British International Helicopter Services
Brixtel Group / Brixtel Group,
Broadland Balloon Flights / Broadland Balloon
Bromma Air Maintenance / Bromma Air Maintenance
Brooks Range Aviation / Brooks Range
Brussels Airlines / Brussels Airlines
Budapest Aircraft Service / Budapest Aircraft Service
Buddha Air / Buddha Air Pvt.
Budget Lines / Air Inter Transport Co., Ltd. t/a Budget
Budgetair /
Buff Air Services / Buff Air
Buffalo Airways / Buffalo Airways
Bul Air / Bul Air
Bulgaria Air / Bulgaria
Bulgarian Air Force / Bulgarian Air
Bun Air Corporation Ltd. / Bun Air Corporation
Bundepolizei-Fliegergruppe /
Buraq Air Transport / Buraq Air Transport (BRQ)
Business Aviation / Business
Business Aviators / Business Aviators,
Business Wings / Business Wings Luftfahrtunternehmen
Businesswings /
Buta Airways / Buta
Butte Aviation / Butte Aviation,
Bygone Aviation / Bygone Aviation,
BySky / Joint Stock Company Aviacompany