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Known As / Full Name URL
A.P.G. Distribution System / A.P.G. Distribution
A2B Heli Charters / A2B Heli (Charters)
A2V / Tower Aviation Management LLC d/b/a
AASANA / Administracion de Aeropuertos Y Servicios Auxiliaries A La Navegacion Aerea (AASANA)
AB Aviation / AB
AB Jets / Andrew Bettis Aviation, LLC d/b/a AB
Abaete Aerotaxi / ATA - Aerotaxi Abaete
Abakan Air / Abakan Air
Aban Air / Aban
Aberdair Aviation / Aberdair Aviation
ABS Jets / ABS
Absolute Flight Services / Absolute Flight Services (Pty)
Abu Dhabi Aviation / Abu Dhabi Aviationada.aer
ABX Air / ABX Air,
AC Aviation / AC Aviation Co.,
Academy Airlines / Academy
Acass Ireland / Acass Ireland
Accent Airways / Accent Airways
AccesRail and Partner Railways / AccesRail and Partner
ACE Belgium Freighters / ACE Belgium Freighters
ACM Air Charter / ACM Air Charter
ACM Aviation / ACM Aviation,
Acropolis Aviation / Acropolis Aviation
ACT Airlines / ACT Havayollari A.S. (ACT Airlines)
AD Astra / AD Astra Executive Charter SP.
AD Aviation / AD Aviation
ADI Shuttle Group / ADI Shuttle Group,
Admiral Beverage Corporation / Admiral Beverage
Advance Aviation / Advance Aviation Co.
Advance Aviation Jet / Advance Aviation Jet Co.,
Advance Aviation Services / Advance Aviation Services,
Advanced Air / Advanced Air,
Advanced Flight Training / Advanced Flight Training
AEG Aviation Services / AEG Aviation
Aegean Airlines / Aegean Airlines,
Aegle Aviation (Aruba) / Aegle Aviation (Aruba)
Aer Lingus / Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus UK / Aer Lingus (U.K.)
Aer Southeast / Aer
Aerbrava / Aerbrava
Aercaribe / Aercaribe Aerolina del Caribe,
Aerial Surveys / Aerial Surveys (1980)
Aeris Gestion / Aeris Gestion
Aerius Management / Aerius Management,
Aero / Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria
Aero Algarve / Aero Algarve,
Aero Asahi / Aero Asahi
Aero Charter Krifka / Aero Charter Krifka Ges
Aero Club de Castellon / Aero Club de
Aero Club de Portugal / Aero Club de
Aero Clube de Algarve / Aero Clube de
Aero Ejecutivos / Aero Ejecutivos,
Aero Expedition / Aero Expedition
Aero Express Del Ecuador Trans AM / Aero Express Del Ecuador Trans
Aero Guernsey / Aero Guernsey
Aero Jet International / Aero Jet
Aero JL / Aero JL S.A. de
Aero K Airlines / Aero K
Aero Link Air Services / Aero Link Air Services
Aero Mongolia / Aero
Aero Patagonia / Servicios Aereos Patagonia
Aero Sky / Aero Sky
Aero Sotravia / Aero
Aero Vision / Aero
Aero Vodochody / Aero
Aero Ways / Aero Ways,
Aeroaljarafe / Aeroaljarafe
Aerobell Airlines / Aerobell
Aero-Beta / Aero-Beta GmbH & Co.
Aerobridge /
Aerocardal /
Aerocare / Flying Ambulance (Pty) Ltd t/a
Aerocaribe Airlines / Aerocaribe
Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell / Aeroclub
Aeroclub de Albacete / Aeroclub de
Aeroclub De Alicante / Aeroclub De
Aeroclub de Mallorca / Aeroclub de
Aeroclub de Vitoria / Aeroclub de
Aeroclube de Coimbra / Aeroclube de
AeroDesierto / AeroDesierto
Aero-Dienst / Aero-Dienst
Aerodis Aviacion / Aerodis Aviacion
Aerodynamics / Aerodynamics
Aerodynamics Malaga / Aerodynamics Malaga,
Aerofan /
Aerofaq /
Aeroflot / PJSC "Aeroflot"
Aeroflota del Noroeste / Aeroflota del Noroeste,
Aerogryf / Aerogryf
AeroGuard Flight Training Center / AeroGuard Flight Training
AEROHELI International / AEROHELI International GmbH & Co.
Aerohelicopteros / Aerohelicopteros,
Aerojet Airlines / Aerojet
Aerojet de Costa Rica / Aerojet de Costa Rica,
Aerojet Executive / Aerojet Executive
Aerolinea de Antioquia / Aerolinea de Antioquia, S.A. (ADA)
Aerolinea del Caribe - Peru / Aerolinea del Caribe - Peru
Aerolineas Argentinas / Aerolineas
Aerolink Uganda / Aerolink Uganda
AeroLogic / AeroLogic
Aeromanagement Group / Aeromanagement
Aeromar / Transportes Aeromar, S.A. de
Aeromas /
Aeromega / Aeromega
Aeromexico / Aeromexico Aerovias de Mexico S.A. de
Aeroméxico Connect / Aerolitoral, S.A. de C.V., d/b/a Aeroméxico
Aeronautica Militare Italiana / Aeronautica Militare
Aeronautical Charters / Aeronautical Charters,
Aeronautical Web Academy / AWA - Aeronautical Web
Aeronaves TSM / Aeronaves TSM, S.A. de
Aeronexus / Aeronexus Corporate Pty
Aeropa / Aeropa
Aeropartner / Aeropartner
Aero-Pyrenees /
Aeroregional / Servicio Aereo Regional Cia,
Aeros Flight Training / Aeros Limited t/a Aeros Flight
Aeros Ltd. / Aeros
Aerosaab / Aerosaab, S.A. de
Aerosec /
Aeroservicios de Almeria / Aeroservicios de Almeria 2000,
Aerosim Academy / Aerosim Academy,
Aerospace Consortium / Aerospace Consortium
Aerospace Engineering Services / Aerospace Engineering
AeroSpatialle /
Aerospeed Formation et Maintenance / Aerospeed Formation et
Aerostar / Ukrainian Aviation Company "Aerostar"
AeroStar Taxi Aereo / AeroStar Taxi
Aerotaxi / Aerotaxi
Aerotec / Aerotec Escuela de Pilotos,
Aero-Tech Services / Aero-Tech
Aerotecnica Jet Services / Aerotecnica Jet Services,
Aerotours GmbH / Aerotours
Aerotrans Airlines / Aerotrans
Aerouneas Ejecutivas / Aerouneas Ejecutivas, S.A. de
AeroUnion / Aerotransporte de Carga Union, S.A. de
Aerovias DAP / Aerovias DAP - La Aerolineas de la
AeroVis Airlines / AeroVis Airlines
Aerovista Gulf Express / Aerovista Gulf Express
aeroways / aeroways
Aerowest / Aerowest
Aerowest / Aerowest
AF-Aviation / AF-Aviation
Africa Charter Airlines / Africa Charter Airlines CC
Africa World Airlines Limited / Africa World Airlines
African Alliance Airlines / African Alliance
African Express Airways / African Express Airways (K)
African Medical and Research Foundation / African Medical and Research
Africa's Connection STP / Africa's Connection
Afrijet / Afrijet Business Services d/b/a
Afrik Airways / Afrik
Afriqiyah Airways / Afriqiyah
AG.raum / AG.raum
Aghalieaku Airways / Aghalieaku
Agricolair / Agricolair,
aha! / ExpressJet Airlines LLC d/b/a aha!
AHK Air Hong Kong / AHK Air Hong Kong
Aim Air / Aim
Aim Aviation / Aim
Aims Community College / Aims Community
Air Africa International / Air Africa International
Air Aland / Air
Air Alderney / Air
Air Algerie / Air
Air Alize / Air
Air Alliance / Air Alliance
Air Alpha / Air Alpha A/
Air Alsie / Air Alsie A/
Air Ambulance Services / Air Ambulance Services
Air America / Air America,
Air Antilles / CAIRE d/b/a Air
Air Arabia / Air Arabia
Air Arabia Abu Dhabi / Air Arabia Abu
Air Arabia Egypt / Air Arabia
Air Arabia Maroc / Air Arabia
Air Archipels / Air
Air Asia / Air Asia Sen Bhd. t/a Air
Air Astana / Air
Air Atlanta Icelandic / Air Atlanta
Air Austral / Air
Air Ayiti / Air
Air Bagan / Air Bagan
Air Belgium / Air Belgium
Air Bohemia / Air Bohemia
Air Borealis / Air
Air Botswana / Air Botswana
Air Bucharest / Air
Air Burkina / Air
Air Burundi / Air
Air Busan / Air
Air Cairo / Air
Air Caledonie / Air
Air Canada / Air
Air Canada rouge / Air Canada rouge
Air Caraibes / Air
Air Caraibes Atlantique / Air Caraibes
Air Cargo Carriers / Air Cargo Carriers,
Air Catalunya / Air Catalunya Linies
Air Center Helicopters / Air Center Helicopters,
Air Century / Air Century,
Air Changan / Changan Airlines Limited Company t/a Air Changanwww.airchangan.con
Air Charity Network / Air Charity
Air Charter Scotland / Air Charter Scotland
Air Charter Scotland Europe / Air Charter Scotland Europe
Air Chathams / Air Chathams Limited t/a Air
Air China / Air China
Air China Cargo / Air China Cargo Co.,
Air China Inner Mongolia / Air China Inner
Air Choice One / Multi-Aero, Inc. d/b/a Air Choice
Air CM Global / Air CM Global
Air Commuter / Air
Air Corsica / Air
Air Cote d Ivoire / Air Cote d
Air Creebec / Air Creebec (1994),
Air Data / Air Data
Air Deccan / Air
Air Do / Air Do Co.,
Air Dolomiti / Air Dolomiti S.p.A. Linee Aeree Regionali
Air Dream College / Air Dream
Air Eagle / Air Eagle (Pvt)
Air Eclipse International / Air Eclipse International
Air et Compagnie / Air et
Air Europa / Air Europa Lineas Aereas,
Air Europa Express / aeronova S.L.U. d/b/a Air Europa
Air Express / Air
Air Falcon / M/S Air Falcon (Pvt)
Air Flamenco / Air Charter, Inc. d/b/a Air
Air Florida Airways / Air Florida
Air France / Air
Air Freedom / Air
Air Freight NZ Cargo / Air Freight NZ
Air Georgia / Air
Air Ghana / Air Ghana
Air Glaciers / Air
Air Greenland / Air Greenland A/
Air Grischa Helikopter / Air Grischa Hikopter
Air Guilin / Air Guilin Co.,
Air Hamburg / Air
Air Harrods / Air Harrods
Air Horizont / Air
Air Incheon / Air Incheon Co.,
Air Independence / Air Independence
Air India / Air India
Air India Express / Air India Charters
Air Intersalonika / Air
Air Inuit / Air Inuit Ltd/
Air Italy / Air Italy
Air ITM / Air ITM
Air Japan / Air Japan Company
Air Juan / Air Juan Aviation,
Air KBZ / Air KBZ
Air Key West / Florida Aerocharter, Inc. d/b/a Air Key
Air KG / Air
Air Kiribati / Air Kiribati
Air Klaipeda / Air
Air Koryo / Air
Air Leap / Air Large European Aviation Project t/a Air
Air Liaison / Air
Air Liaison / Air
Air Libya / Tibesti Air
Air Lift / Air Lift
Air Link / Air Link Pty
Air Loyaute / Air
Air Lubo / ALK Airlines / ALK
Air Macau / Air Macau Company
Air Madagascar / Air
Air Malta / Air Malta
Air Manas / Air Manas Air Company
Air Marine / Air
Air Mauritius / Air
Air Mayotte International / Air Mayotte
Air Mediterranean / Air Mediterranean
Air Mercury / Mercury Air Cargo, Inc. d/b/a Air
Air Methods Kentucky / Air Methods
Air Mobility Command (AMC) / Air Mobility Command (AMC)
Air Moldova / Air
Air Moorea / Air
Air Mountain / Air
Air Munich Aviation / Air Munich Aviation
Air Napier / Air
Air National Guard / Air National
Air Navigation And Trading / Air Navigation And Trading Co.
Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic / Air Navigation Services of the Czech
Air Nelson / Air Nelson
Air Net Private Charter / Jetride, Inc. d/b/a Air Net Private
Air New Zealand / Air New Zealand
Air Niugini / Air Niugini Pty Limited d/b/a Air
Air Nootka / Air Nootka
Air North / Air North Charter and Training Ltd. t/a Air
Air Nostrum / Air Nostrum Lineas Aereas del Mediterraneo,
Air Nunavut / Air
Air Ocean Airlines / Air Ocean Airlines
Air Panama / Parsa S.A. d/b/a Air
Air Partners Corp / Air Partners
Air Peace / Air Peace
Air Peace Hopper / Air Peace
Air Prague / Air Prague
Air Premia / Air Premia
Air Rarotonga / Air
Air Safaris And Services / Air Safaris And Services (NZ)
Air Saint Pierre / Air Saint
Air Segura / Air Segura,
Air Senegal / Air Senegal
Air Seoul / Air Seoul,
Air Serbia / JSC for Air Traffic-Air SERBIA Belgrade t/a Air Serbia a.d.
Air Service Center / Air Service Center
Air Seychelles / Air Seychelles
Air Sunshine / Air Sunshine,
Air Support / Air Support A/
Air SurEste / Air SurEste - Compañía de Aviació
Air Tahiti / Air
Air Tahiti Nui / Air Tahiti
Air Tanzania / Air Tanzania Company
Air Taurus / Air Taurus
Air Taxi / Air Taxi (Aviation Connectivity and Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd.)
Air Taxi Benin / Air Taxi
Air Tempelhof / Air Tempelhof Fluggesellschaft mbH & Co
Air Thanlwin / Air Thanlwin Holding Company
Air Tindi / Air Tindi
Air Tomisko / Air
Air Tractor / Air Tractor
Air Traffic / Air Traffic
Air Transat / Air
Air Transport / Air - Transport Europe spol.
Air Transport Association of America (ATA) / Air Transport Association of America (ATA)
Air Transport Europe / Air Transport
Air Transport International / Air Transport International
Air Travel / Air Travel Co.,
Air Unlimited / TransNorthern Airways,
Air Urga / Air
Air Vanuatu / Air Vanuatu (Operations)
Air West Coast / Air West Coast
Air Wisconsin / Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation (AWAC)
Air X Charter / Air X Charter
AIR X Executive Jets / AIR X Executive Jets
Air X Germany / Air X Charter (Germany) GmbH & Co.
Air Zermatt / Air Zermatt
Air Zimbabwe / Air Zimbabwe (PVT) /
Air-Albatros / Albatros
AirAsia India / Air Asia (India)
AirAsia Philippines / Philippines AirAsia Inc. t/a AirAsia
AirAsia X / Airasia X Berhad d/b/a Airasia
AirBahn / AirBahn,
airBaltic / Air Baltic Corporation S/
Airbiz Aviation Services Worldwide / Airbiz Aviation Services
Airblue / M/S Airblue (PVT)
Airborne Imaging / Airborne Imaging,
Airborne LiDAR Mapping / Airborne LiDAR Mapping A/
AirBridge Cargo / AirBridge Cargo Airlines
Airbrock Management and Charter / Airbrock Management and Charter Services,
Airbus Canada / Airbus
Airbus France / Airbus
Airbus Helicopters UK / Airbus Helicopters UK
Airbus Industrie / Airbus
Airbus Transport International / Airbus Transport
Aircalin / Air Caledonie
Airco Aircraft Charters / Airco Aircraft Charters
Aircompany Grodno / Aircompany
Aircraft Management Group / Aircraft Management Group,
Aircraft VIP Services / Aircraft VIP
AirDialog /
Aireon Canada / Aireon Canada
Airest / Airest
AirExplore / AirExplore,
Airfast Indonesia / Airfast Indonesia
Airfutures Airlines / AirFutures Airlines
AirGO Private Airline / AirGO Private Airline
Airhub Airlines / Airhub Airlines
AirInter1 /
Airjetsul Private Jets /
Airkenya Express / Airkenya Express
Airlec Air Espace / Airlec air
Airlift / Airlift
Airline Container Leasing / Airline Container Leasing,
Airlink / Airlink (Pty)
Airlink / Airlink Luftverkehrsgesellschaft
Airlink Solutions / Airlink Solutions,
Airmax / Airmax
Airmax Airlines / Airmax Airlines,
AirMed / AirMed International,
Airmed / CIA - Compania Aerea de
AirNet II / AirNet II,
Airnimbus /
Airnor / Airnor - Aeronaves del
Airnorth Regional / Airnorth
Airpac Airlines / Airpac Airlines,
airpink / IVA-DOM Air Pink d.o.o. t/a
Airplanes Holdings / Airplanes Holdings
Airport Helicopter Basel / Airport Helicopter Basel AHB
Airquest Aviation / Airquest Aviation,
Airservices Australia, Flight Inspection Unit / Airservices Australia, Flight Inspection
airseven /
AirSF Flight Service / AirSF Flight
Airshop / Airshop
Airshows America "The Patriots" / Airshows America "The Patriots"
AirSial / AirSial
AirSmart / Steelman Aviation, Inc. t/a
Airspeed Charter / Airspeed Charter
AirSprint / AirSprint,
AirSprint US / AirSprint US,
Airstream / Airstream a.s.www.airstreamjets.vz
AirSWIFT / AirSWIFT Transport,
AirTanker / AirTanker
Air-Taxi Europe / Air-Taxi Europe (a-te)
Airteam Charter / Airteam Charter (Pty)
Airtime Charters / Airtime
Airtraffic / Airtraffic
Airventure /
Airways Aviation Academy / Airways Aviation Academy
Airways Corporation Of New Zealand / Airways Corporation Of New Zealand
Airways Flight Training / Airways Flight
Airways Flygutbildning AB / Airways Flygutbildning
Airwing AS / Airwing
Airwork New Zealand / Airwork New Zealand
Aitheras Aviation Group / Aitheras Aviation Group,
Ajwaa Airlines / Ajwaa
AK Navigator / AK Navigator
Aklak Air / Aklak Air,
Al Jabeer / Al
Al Maha Airways / Al Maha
Al Rais Cargo / Al Rais Cargo agemcies
Alabama Department of Public Safety / Alabama Department of Public
Alada Empresa de Transportes Aereos / Alada Empresa de Transportes
Alajnihah Air Transport / Alajnihah Air
Alamo Aviacion / Alamo Aviacion,
Alante Air Charter / Alante Air Charter,
Alaska Air Transit / J and M Alaska Air Tours, Inc. d/b/a Alaska Air
Alaska Airlines / Alaska Airlines,
Alaska Central Express / Alaska Central Express,
Alaska Seaplanes / Air Excursions, LLC d/b/a Alaska
Alaska Seaplanes / Kalinin Aviation, L.L.C. d/b/a Alaska
Al-Atheer Aviation / Al-Atheer
Alba / Alba Star, S.A. d/b/a Alba
Alba-Air / Alba-Air Aviacion,
Albanian Airways / Albanian
Albatros Aircraft Corp / Albatros Aircraft
Albatros Airlines / Allanza Glancelot
Albatros Airways / Albatros Airways
Albawings / Albawings
Albinati Aeronautics / Albinati Aeronautics
Albinati Aviation / Albinati Aviation
Alerion Aviation / Alerion
Alexandria Airlines / Alexandria
Alfa Air / Alfa Air
Alfa Air / Alfa
Alfa Air Services / S.C. Alfa Air Services
Alfa Airlines / Alfa Airlines Co.
Al-Haya Aviation / Al-Haya
Alidaunia / Alidaunia
Aliparma / Aliparma
Aliscargo Airlines / Aliscargo Airlines
Aliserio / Aliserio
Alitalia Cityliner / Alitalia Cityliner
Alkan Air / Alkan Air
Alkan Air / Alkan
All Nippon Airways / All Nippon Airways Co.
Allegiant Air / Allegiant Air
Allen Corporation of America / Allen Corporation of
Alliance Air / Alliance
Alliance Air Charter / Extraordin Air Aviation and
Alliance Airlines / Alliance Airlines PTY
Alliance Executive Jets / Alliance Executive Jets
Allied Air / Allied Air
Almasria Universal Airlines / Almasria Universal
Aloha Air Cargo / Aeko Kula, Inc d/b/a Aloha Air
Alpha Helicopters / Alpha Helicopters
Alpi Jets / Alpi Jets
Alpine Air Express / Alpine Air Express,
Alpine Airlines / Alpine
Alpine Aviation / Alpine Aviation (Pty)
Alpine Aviation / Alpine Aviation,
Alpine Flightservice / AFS Alpine Flightservice
Alpineair / Alpineair Air Services
Alpliner / Alpliner
Al-Rafedain Falcon Air Cargo / Al-Rafedain Falcon Air
ALROSA Mirny Air Enterprise / Open Joint Stock Company "ALROSA" (Mirny Air Enterprise)
ALSA Grupo / ALSA Grupo
Alsie Express / Alsie
Alter Aeroservicios / Alter Aeroservicios S.A. de
Altius Aviation / Altius Aviation,
Aluminum Company Of America, Alcoa Aircraft Operations / Aluminum Company Of America, Alcoa Aircraft
Amadeus IT Group SA. / Amadeus IT Group
Amakusa Airlines / Amakusa Airlines Co.,
Amapola Flyg / Amapola Flyg
Amaszonas / Línea Aérea Amaszonas
Amber Aviation / Amber Aviation
AMC Airlines / Aircraft Maintenance Company (AMC Airlines)
AMC Aviation / AMC Aviation SP
Amelia / Regourd Aviation d/b/a
Amelia International / Aero4M d.o.o. d/b/a Amelia
American Air Charter / American Air Charter,
American Airlines / American
American Jet / American Jet
American Jet International / American Jet International
Ameriflight / Ameriflight,
Amerijet International / Amerijet International,
Ameristar Jet Charter / Ameristar Jet Charter,
Amigo Airways / Amigo Airways
Amjet Executive / Amjet Executive
AmSafe Bridport / AmSafe
Amtrak /
ANA Wings / ANA Wings Co.,
AnadoluJet /
Anap Business Jets / Anap Business Jets
Angara Airlines / Open Joint Stock Company "Angara Airlines"
Angel Martinez Ridao (SAETA) / Angel Martinez Ridao (SAETA)
Anglo American South Africa / Anglo American South Africa
Anguilla Air Services / Anguilla Air Services
Animal Rescue Flights / Animal Rescue
Animawings / Anima Wings Aviation
Antillas Air / Antillas
Antonov Airlines / Antonov
Antonov Design Bureau / Antonov Airlines / Antonov Design Bureau / Antonov
AOSAC - Airline Operations Support and Aviation Consultant / AOSAC - Airline Operations Support and Aviation
Apex Airlines / Apex Airline Public Company
Apexair / Apex Air Co.,
Apollo Air Services / Apollo Air Services
Aquiline International Corporation Ltd / Aquiline International Corporation
Arab Wings Company / Arab Wings
Arabasco Air Services / Arabasco Air
Arajet / DW Dominican Wings. S.A. d/b/a
Aravco / Aravco
Arc en Ciel / Arc en Ciel Aviation
Archer Daniels Midland / Archer Daniels Midland
Arcus Air / Arcus Air Logistic
Arena Aviation / Arena Aviation
Ariana Afghan Airlines / Ariana Afghan
Arik Air / Arik
ARINC / ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Inc.)
Arirang Aviation / Arirang Aviation
ARJet Airlines / ARJet Airlines
Arkia Israeli Airlines / Arkia Israeli Airlines
Armenia / Aircompany Armenia
Armenian Helicopters / Armenian
Army Air Corps / Army Air
Arrendamientos Aereos / Arrendamientos Aereos,
Arrow Aviation / Arrow Aviation
Art Aviation Flugbetriebs / Art Aviation Flugbetriebs
Aruba Airlines / Arubaanse Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V dba Aruba
ASA Heli-Water / ASA Heli-Water Sp.
ASAS Linhas Aereas / ASAS Linhas
Ascension Air Management / Ascension Air Management,
ASG Business Aviation / ASG Business Aviation
Asia Pacific Airlines / Aero Micronesia Inc d/b/a Asia Pacific
Asian Express General Aviation Wuxi / Asian Express General Aviation Wuxi Co.,
Asiana Airlines / Asiana Airlines,
ASL Airlines Belgium / ASL Airlines
ASL Airlines France / ASL Airlines France
ASL Airlines Hungary / ASL Airlines (Hungary)
ASL Airlines Ireland / ASL Airlines (Ireland)
ASL Airlines Spain / ASL Airlines Spain,
Aspen Helicopters / Aspen Helicopters,
Associated Aircraft Group / Associated Aircraft Group,
Asta / Asta Linhas Aereas
Astonjet / SAS
Astral Aviation Ltd. / Astral Aviation
Astro Air / Astro Air Co.,
ATA Airlines / ATA
ATC Lasham / ATC
ATI Jet / ATI Jet,
Atlanta Air Charter / Atlanta Air Charter,
Atlantic Airlines / Atlantic
Atlantic Airways / Atlantic Airways Faroe
Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services / Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services,
Atlantic Helicopters / Atlantic
Atlantis-Air Link / Atlantis-Air Link
Atlas Air / Atlas Air,
Atlas Air Service / Atlas Air Service
Atlas Aviation Services / Atlas Aviation Services,
Atlas Executive Air / Atlas Executive Air,
Atlas Helicopters / Atlas Helicopters
Atmospheric Research Boulder / Atmospheric Research
ATR (Avion de Transport Regional) / ATR (Avion de Transport Regional)
ATRAN-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines / OOO
Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust / Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter
Aura Airlines / Aura Airlines
Auric Air / Auric Air Services
Aurigny Air Services / Aurigny Air Services
Aurora Airlines / Joint- Stock Company "Aurora Airlines"
Aurora Flight Sciences / Aurora Flight
Aushaan Air / Aushaan Air
Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) / Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
Austrian / Austrian Airlines AG d/b/a/
Austrian Air Force / Austrian Air
AV8 Helicopters / AV8
AV8Air /
Avag Air / Avag Air Fur
Avangard Aviation / Avangard Aviation
Avanti Air / Avanti Air GmbH & Co.
Avcon Jet / Avcon Jet
Avcon Jet Africa / Avcon Jet Africa (Pty)
Avcon Jet Malta / Avcon Jet Malta
Avcorp Registrations Ltd. / Avcorp Registrations
Avelo Airlines / T.E.M. Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Avelo
Avex International / Avex
AvFinity / AvFinity,
Avia Business Group / Avia Business
Avia Group Nord / Avia Group Nord
Avia Traffic Company / Avia Traffic Company
AviaAM Leasing / AviaAM
Aviacharter Assistance / Aviacharter Assistance
Aviacon Zitotrans / Aviacon Zitotrans Air Company
Aviair / Aviair Pty
Avialeasing Aviation Company / Avialeasing Aviation
Avianca / Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia,
Avianca Cargo / Transportes Aereos Mercantiles Panamericanos S.A., (TAMPA) t/a Avianca
Avianca Costa Rica / Avianca Costa Rica
Avianca Ecuador / Avianca Ecuador d/b/a
Avianca Express / Regional Express Americas SAS - Avianca
Avianca Guatemala / AVIATECA, S.A. - Avianca
Avianca Honduras / Avianca
Aviapartner /
Aviaservice / Aviaservice
Aviaservice /
Aviashelf /
Aviastar / PT. Aviastar
AviaStar /
Aviastar-Tu / Aviastar-Tu Co.
Aviat Aviacion Y Trabajos Aereos / Aviat Aviacion Y Trabajos Aereos,
Aviation Adventures / Aviation
Aviation Consultants / Aviation Consultants,
Aviation Horizons / Aviation Horizons
Aviation Partners / Aviation Partners,
Aviation West Charters / Aviation West
Aviatis /
Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology / Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and
Aviatsa / Aviatsa (Aviacion Tecnologica S.A.)
Aviawings /
AVIC - International Flight Training Academy (AIFA) / AVIC - International Flight Training Academy (AIFA)
Avinor / Avinor
Avioandes / Avioandes
Aviofun / Aviofun,
Aviolet /
Avion Express / Joint Stock Company Avion
Avion Express Malta / Avion Express Malta
Avionord / Avionord
Avior Airlines / Aviones de Oriente, C.A. (AVIOR)
Avior Regional / Avior Regional,
Aviostart AS / Aviostart AS
AviroAir Airlines / Aviro Air S.R.L. t/a AviroAir
Awesome Flight Services / Awesome Flight Services (PTY)
Axess International Network / Axess International Network,
Aya Aviation / Aya
Ayit Aviation & Tourism / Ayit Aviation &
Azerbaijan Airlines / Azerbaijan Airlines
azimuth / JSC Azimuth
Azman Air / Azman Air Services
Azores Airlines / SATA International Servicos e Transportes Aereos, S.A. t/a Azores
Aztec Airways / Aztec Worldwide Airlines,
Azul / Azul Linhas Aereas
Azul Conecta / Azul Conecta
Azur Air / AZUR air Limited Liability
Azur Air Ukraine Airlines / Azur Air Ukraine Airlines
Azure Aviation / Azure Aviation