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Welcome to The Aviation Codes Central Web Site

This web site has been setup to help you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the Airline Industry. Whether it be an Aircraft Type Code in a printed timetable or an Airline Code in online Booking system or on your ticket this site has been designed to help you find out what that code stands for. So if you want to know what type of Aircraft an AB6 is that your bookings says you will be flying on or what Airport YYZ is that you are flying from or to, this is the place to look.

Please Note: The data of this website belongs to the owner of this site. It can be used freely for PERSONAL use only. It is STRICKLY forbidden to be used for commercial gain without prior permission from the websites owner. For more information e-mail mail at avcodes dot co dot uk.

Recent Airline Code Updates

MDJ JeTran Air - Ceased operations.
AU AUT Austral Lineas Aereas - Companies merged.
SFY Skyborne Airline Academy - Company name change.
I6 Intermodalidad de Levante S.A. - IATA Accounting Code added.
RZ* LRS Servicios Aereos Nacionales SANSA - IATA Accounting Code recalled.
MX MXY Breeze Airways - IATA Airline Code added.
BD BGN Budget Lines - IATA Airline Code added.
LI* EZZ ETF Airways - IATA Airline Code added.
4Y OCN Eurowings Discover - IATA Airline Code added.
FS FOX flyr - IATA Airline Code added.
GH* GTR Galistair - IATA Airline Code added.
HN* HST Heston Airlines - IATA Airline Code added.
8I IPM ITA - IATA Airline Code added.
BN LWG Luxwing - IATA Airline Code added.
MW WZM Waltzing Matilda Aviation - IATA Airline Code added.
WU WST Western Air - IATA Airline Code added.
ZJ ARC Air Routing International L.P. - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
C9 BIC Alphaland Aviation - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
3Y XBO Baseops International - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
ZY CHY China Air Cargo - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
9Y NAE National Airways - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
S5* NKP Abakan Air - IATA Prefix Code added.
OG FPY Fly Play - IATA Prefix Code added.
WW* KXP Kargo Xpress - IATA Prefix Code added.
B0 DJT La Compagnie - IATA Prefix Code added.
AFF AF-Aviation - ICAO Airline Code added.
WCP Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology - ICAO Airline Code added.
GLH Chervon Corporation - ICAO Airline Code added.
URO European Cargo - ICAO Airline Code added.
PLZ Patient Airlift Services - ICAO Airline Code added.
NJU Netjets Air Transport UK - ICAO Callsign changed.
CPI C.A.I. - Compagnia Aeronautica Italiana - Website URL added.

Latest News

The following Official Civil Aircraft Register URLs have been updated on 12 April 2021 Georgia, Hungary Latvia and Moldova, (4L-/HA-/YL-/ER-).

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