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Known As / Full Name URL
J C Bamford Excavators / J C Bamford Excavators
J.J. Gradin Aviacion / J.J. Gradin
JA Air Charter / Executive Express Aviation d/b/a JA Air
Jackson Family Wines / Jackson Family
Jambojet / Jambojet
Janes Aviation / Janes Aviation
Japan Air Commuter / Japan Air Commuter Co.
Japan Airlines / Japan Airlines International Co.
Japan General Aviation Service / Japan General Aviation Service Co.,
Japan Transocean Air / Japan Transocean Air Co.
Jazeera Airways / Jazeera
Jazz Aviation / Jazz Aviation
JC (Cambodia) International Airlines / JC (Cambodia) International
Jeju Air / Jeju Air Co.
Jeppesen UK Ltd. / Jeppesen UK
Jet Air Group / JSC Jet Air
Jet Airways / Jet Airways,
Jet Aviation Business Jets / Jet Aviation Business Jets
Jet Aviation Flight Services / Jet Aviation Flight Services,
Jet Aviation Flight Services (Malta) Ltd. / Jet Aviation Flight Services (Malta)
Jet Budget / Fly Dom N.V. d/b/a Jet
Jet Concierge Club / Concierge U Limited t/a Jet Concierge Club
Jet Edge / Western Air Charter, Inc. d/b/a Jet
Jet Exchange / Jet Exchange
Jet Executive International Charter / Jet Executive International Charter GmbH & Co
Jet Fighter Flights / Jet Fighter Flights PTY
Jet It / Jet It,
Jet Linx Aviation / Jet Linx Aviation,
Jet Logistics / Jet Logistics,
Jet Ops / Jet
Jet Pool Network / Jet Pool Network Luftverkehrs
Jet Port South / Jet Port South,
Jet Ready / Jet
Jet Rescue Air Ambulance / Med Jets, S.A. de C.V. t/a Jet Rescue Air
Jet Select / Jet Select,
Jet Story / Jet Story Sp.
Jet Support Services / Jet Support Services
Jet Team / Jet Team,
Jet Technics / Jet Technics
Jet Test and Transport / Jet Test and Transport,
Jet Time / Jet Time
Jet Up Aviation / Jet Up Aviation,
Jet2 / /
Jetbee Czech / Jetbee Czech
Jetbird Limited / Jetbird
Jetblue Airways / Jetblue Airways
Jetcall / Jetcall GmbH & Co.
Jetcapital Aviation / Jetcapital
Jetflite / Jetflite
Jetfly Airlines / Jetfly Airlines
Jetfly Aviation / Jetfly Aviation
Jetfly Aviation / Jetfly Aviation
JetKey /
Jetlines / Canada Jetlines Operations
Jet-Link / Jet-Link
JetMagic / JetMagic
JetNetherlands / JetNetherlands
Jetnova / Jetnova de Aviacion Ejecutiva,
Jet-Ops Europe / Jet-Ops Europe
JetRight / JetRight Air
JetSmart Airlines / JetSmart Airlines
JetsPlus /
Jetstar Airways / Jetstar Airways Pty
Jetstar Asia Airways / Jetstar Asia Airways Pte
Jetstar Hong Kong Airways / Jetstar Hong Kong Airways
Jetstar Japan / Jetstar
Jet-Stream / Jet-Stream
Jetstream Aviation / Jetstream Aviation,
Jetsuite Air / Superior Air Charter, LLC d/b/a Jetsuite
Jettainer / Jettainer
JettAircraft / Creamer Pilot Services,
Jin Air / Jin Air Co.
Jinggog Globaljet / Jinggog Globaljet (Zhejiang) Jet Co.,
Jivair / Jivair
JK Jetkontor / JK Jetkontor
JM Family Aviation / JM Family
Jonika / Aircompany Jonika
Jordan Aviation / Jordan
Jordan Aviation / Jordan Enterprise for Air Navigation and
Journey Aviation / Journey Aviation,
Joy Air / Joy Air Co.,
JR Technologies / JR Technologies
JS Air / JS Air (Private)
JSX Air / Delux Public Charter, LLC d/b/a JSX
Ju-Air /
Jubba Airways / Jubba Airways Limited d/b/a Jubba
Juneyao Airlines / Juneyao Airlines Co.
Jung Sky / Jung Sky
Junkanoo Air / KSA Charters Ltd. d/b/a Junkanoo
Jupiter Jet / Aircompany Jupiter Jet
Justice Air / Justice Air,
Jutland Jets Air Taxi / Jutland Jets Air Taxi A/