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Known As / Full Name URL
C.A.I. - Compagnia Aeronautica Italiana / C.A.I. - Compagnia Aeronautica Italiana
C.A.L Cargo Airlines / Cavei Avir Lemitanim t/a Cargo Air
CAA Airworthiness Division / CAA Airworthiness
Cabo Verde Airlines / Transportes Aereos de Cabo Verde (TACV) d/b/a Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde Express / Cabo Verde
CAE Aviation / CAE
Caicos Express Airways / Caicos Express
Cairo Aviation / Cairo Air Transport Company (Cairo Aviation)
Calafia Airlines / Aero Calafia, S.A. de C.V. t/a Calafia
Caliber Jet Charter / Caliber Jet Charter,
California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention / California Department of Forestry and Fire
Calm Air International / Calm Air International
Calstar /
Camair-Co / Cameroon Airlines Corp -
Cambodia Airways / Cambodia Airways Co.,
Cambodia Angkor Air / Cambodia Angkor Air
Canadian Airways Congo / Canadian Airways
Canadian Helicopters / Canadian
Canadian North / Canadian North
Canadian Pacific Railway / Canadian Pacific
Canarias Aeronautica / Canarias Aeronautica,
Canaryfly / Canaryfly
Canavia / Canavia Líneas Aéreas,
Canlink Aviation / Canlink Aviation
CanWest Air / Can West Corporate Air Charters
Cape Air / Hyannis Air Service, Inc. d/b/a Cape
Cape York Air / Cape York
Capital Air Ambulance / Capital Air Ambulance
Capital Air Services / Capital Air Services
Capital Airlines / Capital Airlines,
Capital Airlines / Capital Airlines
Cardig Air / PT Cardig
Cardinal Helicopter Services / Cardinal Helicopter Services (IOM)
Care Flight / Care Flight (NSW)
Careflight (QLD) Limited / Careflight (QLD)
Cargo Air / Cargo Air
Cargojet Airways / Cargojet Airways
CargoLogic Germany / CargoLogic Germany
Cargologicair / Cargologicair
Cargolux Airlines International / Cargolux Airlines International,
Cargolux Italia / Cargolux Italia
Caribbean Airlines / Caribbean Airlines
Carpatair / Carpatair,
Carpatair Flight Training / Carpatair Flight
Carson Air / Carson Air
Cascadia Airways / Cascadia Airways
Caspian Airlines / Caspian Airlines Service Company
CASS Professional Services / CASS Professional Services,
CAT Aviation / CAT Aviation
Cathay Pacific Airways / Cathay Pacific Airways
Cathelicopters / Cathelicopters
Catreus AOC / Catreus AOC
Caverton Helicopters / Caverton Helicopters
Cavok Air / Cavok
Cayman Airways / Cayman Airways
Cebgo / Cebgo Inc. d/b/a
cebu pacific / Cebu Air, Inc. d/b/a Cebu Pacific
Cedar Executive / Cedar
CEGA Aviation / CEGA Aviation
Ceiba Intercontinental / Ceiba
Cello Aviation / Cello Aviation
Cemair / Cemair (Pty) Ltd. t/a
Central Air Southwest / Central Air Southwest,
Central Flying Service / Central Flying Service,
Central Mongolia Airways / Central Mongolia
Central Mountain Air / Central Mountain Air
Centreline / Centreline AV
Cesszani Aviation / Cesszani
chair / Chair Airlines AG t/a
Chairman Airmotive II, LLC / Chairman Airmotive II,
Chalair Aviation / Chalair
Challenge Airlines / Challenge Airlines (BE)
Cham Wings Airlines / Cham Wings
Champlain Enterprises / Champlain Enterprises,
Charterlines / Charterlines,
Chartright Air / Chartright Air
Chater JETS / Charter JETS,
CHC Global Operations / CHC Global
CHC Global Operations International / CHC Global Operations
CHC Helicopters / CHC
CHC Helicopters Canada / CHC Helicopters Canada
CHC Helicopters Netherlands / CHC Helicopters
CHC Helicoter Corporation / CHC Helicoter
CHC Helikopter Service / CHC Helikopter Service
Chengdu Airlines / Chengdu
Cherokee Air / Cherokee Air
Cherokee Air / Cherokee Air
Chervon Corporation / Chervon
Chicago Jet Group / Chicago Jet Group,
China Airlines / China
China Cargo Airlines / China Cargo Airlines
China Eastern Airlines / China Eastern
China Express Airlines / China Express Airlines Co.,
China Postal Airlines / China Postal Airlines
China Southern Airlines / China Southern
China Travel Tours Transportation Services Hong Kong Ltd. (CTTTS) / China Travel Tours Transportation Services Hong Kong Ltd. (CTTTS)
China United Airlines / China United
China West Air / China West Air
Chodang University / Chodang
Choice Airways / Choice Airways,
Chong Qing Airlines / Chong Qing Airlines Co.,
Christian Konig - Century Airbirds / Christian Konig - Century
Chrono Aviation / Chrono Aviation Inc. d/b/a Chrono
Chrono Jet / Chrono Jet,
Chu Kong Passanger Transport / Chu Kong Passanger Transport Co.
CIAF Leasing / CIAF
Cinnamon Air / Saffron Aviation (Pvt) Ltd. d/b/a Cinnamon
CIONS Software Ltda / CIONS Software
Citationshares / Citationshares
Citilink Express / Citilink
Citilink Indonesia / PT. Citilink
CitizenPlane /
Cityjet /
Citywing /
Civil Aviation Authority Of New Zealand / Civil Aviation Authority Of New
Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic / Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech
Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic / Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak
Claessens International / Claessens International
Class Aviation / Class
Classic Jet / Classic
Clipper Jet / Clipper National Air,
Cloepatra Aviation / Cloepatra
Cloud 9 Air charters / Cloud 9 Air
Cloud Air / Cloud Air Service
Clowes Estates / Clowes Estates
CMC Electronics / CMC Electronics,
Coastal Aviation / Coastal
Coastal Travels / Coastal Travels
Cobalt Air / Cobalt Air,
Cobham Aviation Services / Cobham Aviation
Cobham Aviation Services Australia / Cobham Aviation Services Australia - Airline
Cobham Aviation Services Australia / Cobham Aviation Services
Cobham Flight Inspection / Cobham Flight Inspection
Cobham Regional Services / National Jet Express Pty Limited t/a Cobham Regional
Cobra Jet Aviation / Cobra Jet
Cochise County Sheriff's Office / Arizona State Gobernment, Cochise County Sheriff's
Coin Aviation / Protea Coin Group (Pty) Ltd t/a Coin
Colombe Airline / Colombe
Colorful GuiZhou Airlines / Colorful GuiZhou Airlines Co.,
Colt Transportes Aereos / Colt Transportes Aereos
Columbia Helicopters / Columbia Helicopters,
Comair / Comair
Comair Flight Services - CFS / Comair Flight Services (Pty)
Comed Group / Comed
Comlux Aruba / Comlux Aruba
Comlux KZ / JSC Comluc
Comlux Malta / Comlux Malta
Comlux San Marino / Comlux San Marino
Commerce Bank / Commerce
Common Sky A & N Luftfahrt / Common Sky A & N Luftfahrt
Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree / Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation / Compagnie Africaine d'
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation CAA / Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation
Conair / Conair Group Inc. d/b/a
Condor / Condor Flugdienst
Congo Airways / Congo
Connect Air / Connect Air
ConocoPhillips / ConocoPhillips
Consorcio Helitec / Consorcio Helitec
Continental Connection / Continental Connection operated by
Continental Express / Expressjet Airlines, Inc. d/b/a Continental
Contour Airlines / Corporate Flight Management d/b/a Contour
Conviasa /
Cooper Aerial Surveys / Cooper Aerial Surveys
Copa Airlines / Copa Airlines,
Copa Airlines Colombia / AeroRepública, S.A. t/a Copa Airlines
Copenhagen Airtaxi / Copenhagen
Copterline / Copterline
Copterplus Finland / Copterplus Finland
Corendon Airlines / Turistik Hava Tasimacilik A.S. - Corendon
Corendon Airlines Europe / Touristic Aviation Services Ltd. t/a Corendon Airlines
Corendon Dutch Airlines / Corendon Dutch
Corporate Air / Corporate Air,
Corporate Air Charters / Corporate Air Charters,
Corporate Eagle Management Services / Corporate Eagle Management Services,
Corporate Express / Corporate Express Business & Charter
Corporate Flight Services / CFS Aviation CC t/a Corporate Flight
Corporate Jet / Corporate Jet,
Corporate Jet Management / Corporate Jet Management
CorsAir / Corse Air
Cosmo Airlines / Cosmo Lineas Aereas
Cougar Helicopters / Cougar Helicopters,
Coulson Aviation / Coulson Aviation (USA),
Courier Services / Courier Services,
Court Helicopters / Court
Cove Aviation / Cove Aviation Partners,
Cowi / Cowi A/
Coyne Airways / Coyne Airways
CPI Aviation / Combined Private Investigations CC t/a CPI
Cranfield Flight Training / Coulson Flying Services Limited t/a Cranfield Flight
Cranfield Helicopters / Cranfield Helicopters
Cretan Wings / Cretan
Croatia Airlines / Croatia
Croix Rouge Francais / Croix Rouge
Cronos Airlines / Cronos
Cronos Airlines Benin / Cronos Airlines
Cruiser /
Crystal Air / Crystal
Crystal Airways / Crystal
Crystal Thai Airlines / Crystal Thai Airlines Co.,
Crystal Thai Airlines / Crystal Thai Airlines Co.,
CSA Air / CSA Air,
CSI Aviation / CSI Aviation,
CTW Consulting / CTW
Cubana / Cubana de Aviacion,
Custom Jet Charters / Custom Jet Charters
Cutter Aviation / Cutter
Cygnus Air / Corporacion Ygnus Air,
Cyprus Airways / Charlie Airways t/a Cyprus
Czech Airlines / Czech Airlines A.S. ,