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Known As / Full Name URL
NAEW&C Force E-3A Fleet / NAEW&C Force E-3A
Naljets Limited / Naljets
Nam Air / PT. Nam
Namdeb Diamond Corporation / Namdeb Diamond Corporation
Nanshan Jet / Nanshan Jet Co.,
Nantucket Airlines / Nantucket
Nantucket Shuttle / Nantucket Shuttle/Horizon Air Charter,
Nasair /
National Air Traffic Services / National Air Traffic Services
National Airborne Operations Center, U.S. Strategic Command / National Airborne Operations Center, U.S. Strategic
National Airlines / National Air Cargo Group, Inc. d/b/a National
National Airways Corporation / National Airways Corporation (Helicopters) Ltd, South
National Flight Centre / National Flight Centre
National Grid Co. / National Grid Co
National Jets / National Jets,
National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration / National Oceanic And Atmospheric
Native American Air Ambulance / Native American Air Ambulance,
NATO / NATO North Atlantic Treaty
NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) / NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS)
Nauru Airlines / Nauru Air Corporation t/a Nauru
Nav Flight Planning / Nav Flight
Navitaire /
Navtech System Support / Navtech System Support,
Nawrs Air / Nawrs
Nayzak Air Transport / Nayzak Air Transport
Nederlandse Kustwacht/Netherlands Coastguard / Nederlandse
Nelson Aviation College / Nelson Aviation
Neos / Neos
Nepal Airlines / Nepal Airlines Corporation t/a Nepal
Nesma Airlines / Nesma
Nesma Airlines / Nesma Airlines Company
Nestoil / Nestoil
Netjets / Netjets, Transportes Aereos,
Netjets Air Transport UK / Netjets Air Transport UK
Netjets Aviation / Netjets Aviation,
Netjets Business Aviation / Netjets Business Aviation
Network Aviation Australia / Network Aviation
Nevis Express / Daystar Airways Ltd d/b/a Nevis
New York Helicopter / New York Helicopter
New York State Police / New York State
NexGen Flight Solutions / NexGen Flight Solutions,
Nexus Flight Operations Services / Nexus Flight Operations
NHV - Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen / Noordzee Helikopters
NHV Aviation / NHV
NHV Helicopters / NHV Helicopters
Nice Helicopteres / Nice
Nicholas Air / Nicholas Services,
Niger Airlines / Niger Airlines
Nile Air / Nile
Nine Air / Nine Air Co.,
Nippon Cargo Airlines / Nippon Cargo
Noafly Aviation / Noafly
Noble Air Charter / Noble Air
Nok Air / Nok Airlines Public Co., Ltd. d/b/a Nok
Nolinor Aviation / Les Investissements Nolinor Inc. t/a Nolinor
Nomad Aviation / Nomad Aviation
Nomadic Aviation / Nomadic Aviation Group LLC t/a Nomadic
Non Stop Aviation / Non Stop
Nor Aviation / Nor
Norcopter / Norcopter
Nord Helikopter / Nord
Nordica / Nordic Aviation Group AS d/b/a
Nordicflite / Nordicflite Oy
Nordjet Airlines, S.L. / Sagolair Transportes Ejecutivos
NordStar / Joint-stock company NordStar Airlines d/b/a
Nordurflug / Nordurflug
Nordwind Airlines / LLC "Nord Wind"
Norfolk Island Airlines / Norfolk Island
Norlandair /
NORRA / Nordic Regional Airlines
Norse Air Charter / Norse Air
Norse Atlantic Airways / Norse Atlantic Airways
Norsk Helikopterservice / Norsk Helikopterservice
North American Jet Charter Group / North American Jet Charter Group,
North Atlantic Air / North Atlantic Air,
North Caribou Air / North Caribou Flying Service
North Carolina Forest Service / North Carolina Forest
North Flying / North Flying A/
North Star Aviation / North Star Aviation,
North Vancouver Air / North Vancouver
Northeastern Aviation Corporation / Northeastern Aviation
Northern Air Cargo / Northern Air Cargo,
Northern Air Charter / Northern Air Charter,
Northern Aviation / Northern Aviation
Northern Executive Aviation / Northern Executive Aviation
Northern Helicopter / Northern Helicopter
Northern Illinois Flight Center / Northern Illinois Flight Center,
Northern Jet Management / Northern Jet Management,
Northern Skies Aviation / Northern Skies Aviation,
Northern Thunderbird Air / Northern Thunderbird Air
NorthStar Air Tours / 1590877AB d/b/a NorthStar Air Tours
Northumbria Helicopters / Northumbria Helicopters
Northway Aviation / Northway Aviation
North-West / Aircompany North-West
Northwest Flyers / Northwest Flyers,
Northwestern Air Lease / Northwestern Air Lease
North-Western Cargo International Airlines / North-Western Cargo International Airlines Co.,
North-Wright Airways / North-Wright Airways
Norwegian / Norwegian Air Shuttle A.S. t/a
Norwegian Air Ambulance / Norwegian Air
Norwegian Air Argentina / Norwegian Air Argentina
Norwegian Air International / Norwegian Air International
Norwegian Air Norway AS / Norwegian Air Norway
Norwegian Air Sweden / Norwegian Air Sweden
Norwegian Air Sweden AOC / Norwegian Air Sweden AOC
Norwegian Air UK / Norwegian Air UK
Norwegian Long Haul / Norwegian Long Haul
Nouvelair Tunisie / Nouvelair
Nova Airlines / Nova Airlines
Novajet / 2106701 Ontario Inc. t/a
Novoair / Novoair
Now Airlines / Now Airlines
Nyxair / Nyxair
NZ Warbirds Association / NZ Warbirds Association,