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Welcome to The Aviation Codes Central Web Site

This web site has been setup to help you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the Airline Industry. Whether it be an Aircraft Type Code in a printed timetable or an Airline Code in online Booking system or on your ticket this site has been designed to help you find out what that code stands for. So if you want to know what type of Aircraft an AB6 is that your bookings says you will be flying on or what Airport YYZ is that you are flying from or to, this is the place to look.

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Recent Airline Code Updates

DO* DAV Dornier Aviation Nigeria Aiep - Airline IATA Code reinstated.
4M DSM LATAM Airlines Argentina - Airline name change.
LU LXP LATAM Airlines Chile - Airline name change.
4C ARE LATAM Airlines Colombia - Airline name change.
XL LNE LATAM Airlines Ecuador - Airline name change.
PZ LAP LATAM Airlines Paraguay - Airline name change.
M3 TUS LATAM Cargo Brasil - Airline name change.
UC LDC LATAM Cargo Chile - Airline name change.
L7 LAE LATAM Cargo Colombia - Airline name change.
M7 MAA LATAM Cargo Mexico - Airline name change.
ED* AXE AirExplore - IATA Accounting and Prefix Codes added.
5G Aero Cuahonte - IATA Airline Code added.
2S Air Carnival - IATA Airline Code added.
VE EFY Easyfly - IATA Airline Code added.
E2 EWE Eurowings Europe - IATA Airline Code added.
T2 Fly Art - IATA Airline Code added.
BF FBU French Blue - IATA Airline Code added.
H3 Hello Airlines - IATA Airline Code added.
LE Lion Air Cargo - IATA Airline Code added.
6S SGQ SaudiGulf Airlines - IATA Airline Code added.
YQ LCT TAR Aerolineas - IATA Airline Code added.
H7 TRV Taron-Avia - IATA Airline Code added.
A0 MCJ Macair Jet - IATA designator changed.
P8 SRN SprintAir - IATA designator changed.
BBG Blue Bird Airways - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
EAB Eagle Atlantic Airlines - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
SZ SMR Somon Air - IATA Prefix Code added.
DTO Chilean - ICAO Airline Code added.
OTF orange2fly - ICAO Airline Code added.
TJA TapJets - ICAO Airline Code added.
PAJ Aliparma - Website URL added.
MTJ Metrojet - Website URL added.
AQ JYH Nine Air - Website URL added.

Recently added Boeing Customer Codes

Boeing Customer Code - Airline
6X - 9 Air

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