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Welcome to The Aviation Codes Central Web Site

This web site has been setup to help you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the Airline Industry. Whether it be an Aircraft Type Code in a printed timetable or an Airline Code in online Booking system or on your ticket this site has been designed to help you find out what that code stands for. So if you want to know what type of Aircraft an AB6 is that your bookings says you will be flying on or what Airport YYZ is that you are flying from or to, this is the place to look.

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Recent Airline Code Updates

XLS ExcelAire - Airline information updated.
ALS Alas del Sur - Ceased operations.
XGO AirGO Private Airline - Company name change.
DFL Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance - Company name change.
NOR Bristow Helikopter - Company name change.
ZP AZP Paranair - Company name change.
TRB Rabbit Wings Airways - Company name change.
L4 LASA Líneas Aéreas - IATA Airline Code added.
RI RIH Rahila Air - IATA Airline Code added.
F7 RSY iFly Airlines - IATA designator changed.
BKV Bukovyna - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
AES Aerospace Engineering Services - ICAO Airline Code added.
LPA Air Leap - ICAO Airline Code added.
ALN Alkan Air - ICAO Airline Code added.
ATI Art Avia - ICAO Airline Code added.
BGR Bridger Aerospace - ICAO Airline Code added.
FOF Flyfofo Airways - ICAO Airline Code added.
HSM Helicopter Services Malta - ICAO Airline Code added.
HBN Hibernian Airlines - ICAO Airline Code added.
FNK IAS Itzehoer Airservice - ICAO Airline Code added.
JNK Jonika - ICAO Airline Code added.
BOG Live Oak Banking - ICAO Airline Code added.
MTD MetroJets - ICAO Airline Code added.
GCS Skyway Airline - ICAO Airline Code added.
WNI Weathernews - ICAO Airline Code added.
ATU Aerotours GmbH - ICAO Callsign added.
OCJ Over Star Jets - ICAO Callsign added.
MT* TCX Thomas Cook Airlines - ICAO Callsign changed.

Latest News

The following Official Civil Aircraft Register URL has been updated on 12 October 2018 Finland (OH-), Netherlands (PH-), Sweden (SE-), Switzerland (HB-) and United Kingdom (G-).
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